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EPIMEnhanced Physical Interface Module
EPIMEuropean Programme for Integration and Migration (Brussels, Belgium)
EPIMEthernet Port Interface Module
EPIMEuropean Pre-Issuance Messaging (software; International Securities Identifying Number)
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EPIM will only consider projects which follow an engagement-based case management approach.
SPREAD across two semesters and comprising of 14 modules, EPIM covers all aspects of investment management -- right from value of money to investment planning.
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The main purpose is to contribute to the payment of financial transfers from the national budget to the national electrical company (EPIM) so that the company can import electricity and the price to final consumers is maintained at acceptable levels.Bosnia & Herzegovina.The European Commission has decided to contribute Euro 11 million to the General Budget in 2000 for the office of the High Representative in Bosnia & Herzegovina (staff wages, travelling expenses, office rent, communications, computers, vehicle management, media, meetings and conferences, for example).
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