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EPIN Media's fast growth has lured more and more advertisers and industry veterans.
For more information, please contact: EPIN Media Shirley Qiao Tel: +86-10-58816775-2653 Fax: +86-10-58816839 Email: qiaoning@epinmedia.
Extensive research of the railway market led to EPIN Media's notion of mobile media and positioning itself as China's largest railway mobile media.
Technological innovation lies at the core of success for every creative media company, and certainly defines the beginning of EPIN Media's journey.
Last year, EPIN Media also registered remarkable growth, reinforcing its advantage in the railway media industry.
This event showcased EPIN Media's development prospects.
From its initial research and development in 2002 to serving more and more railway passengers with quality entertaining new media products, EPIN Media clearly showed to all the sparkles along the process of combining technology with imagination.
CONTACT: Qiao Ning of EPIN Media, +86-10-8885-4923/33-6203, or mobile, +86-139-112-35665, or fax, +86-10-8885-3499, or qiaoning@epinmedia.
Media professionals and scholars at the event also discussed the concept of ''mobile audience'', which was coined by EPIN Media in October 2005.
Currently, thanks to the unique TraiNet information system, provided by EPIN Technologies, railway passengers already find their trips less tedious.
Together, they create an experienced and energetic management team with industry knowledge, technological skills and connections to make EPIN a success.
Customers can now easily pay online for in-games credit and other digital content or games ePINs directly from the internet with one click through a computer, smartphone or tablet, using T-Pay, the statement said.