EPINetExposure Prevention Information Network
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To characterize the outbreak, the MOHHS EPINet Team, with assistance from CDC, conducted an investigation through in-person interviews and medical chart abstractions.
I apologize to the Yap Epinet Team for this inaccuracy, and I encourage the reader to consult the articles by Lanciotti et al.
102; Article 3.25; iatp.org, 07/29/05; Economic Policy Institute, epinet.org, Inter Press Service, 08/10/05; Central America Report, 08/12/05; Spanish news service EFE, 08/16/05.]
Some helpful tools for reporting and tracking needlesticks and other exposure incidents are available through the EPINet program, developed by Dr.
Basic family budgetary Economic Policy Institute Hardships need for housing in America (epinet.org).
Epinet, based at Cotswold Barn, Whittington in Cheltenham, is launching its web-based e-mail service initially with face recognition.
The DoH issued the warning on its NHS-wide electronic Epinet system on April 13 after the Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre alerted them to the cases.
Accident and emergency departments and GPs were notified about the danger last Friday using the NHS-wide electronic Epinet alert system.
Taulung, Carolee Masao, Hibson Palik, Kosrae State Epinet Team members, Kosrae; Marcus Samo, MD, Lisa Barrow, Moses Pretrick, Dept of Health and Social Affairs, Federated States of Micronesia.
EPINet Sharps Injury Data Report for 2011says that among 32 hospitals that contributed data 708 total injuries had occurred; Percutaneous injury (PI) rate for all hospitals was 19.46 per 100 occupied beds; most of the incidents occurred at operation theatre 33.5% and patient ward 33.2%; majority of injuries were caused by disposable syringes (37.4%) and by suturing needle (18.6%); most of the injuries occurred during use (40.7%) of item and after use but before disposal (15.5%) [3]
These figures are nearly twice the figures of Exposure Prevention Information Network (EPInet) data (10).