EPINetExposure Prevention Information Network
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For more information about how to contribute to the EPINet network or become a supporter, visit the Center at InternationalSafetyCenter.
I apologize to the Yap Epinet Team for this inaccuracy, and I encourage the reader to consult the articles by Lanciotti et al.
Epinet has partnered with Identalink to produce biometric solutions.
In the EPInet study (10), 38 per cent NSI occurred during needle use, while 42 per cent occurred after use of needle and before its disposal.
The Department of Health issued an electronic warning on its NHS-wide electronic Epinet system after the CDSC alerted them to the cases.
The EPINet system can be used to study patterns in high-risk procedures, evaluate new devices, and share information with other institutions.
involving 26 large hospitals, 16 intermediate-size hospitals, and 16 small hospitals using the highly standardized EPINet (Exposure Prevention Information Network) system.
Based on the respected EPINet device list, NAPPSI's list is regularly updated to include newly available technology.
Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act, federal OSHA, and EPINet.
Established in 1985, Epinet evolved into offering internet services, and has 7 years of success within the Web Marketplace,
BD funded the development of, and provides substantial ongoing support for, the EPINet computerized surveillance program, which aids in the tracking and analysis of needlestick injuries and blood/body fluid exposures in order to improve precaution strategies.