EPINetExposure Prevention Information Network
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I apologize to the Yap Epinet Team for this inaccuracy, and I encourage the reader to consult the articles by Lanciotti et al.
Epinet has partnered with Identalink to produce biometric solutions.
EPINet Needlestick and Sharps Injury Surveillance Network.
EPINET research aims at developing and validating innovative methods to localise and characterise non-invasively functional properties of the epileptogenic zone (EZ), i.
EPINet Sharps Injury Data Report for 2011says that among 32 hospitals that contributed data 708 total injuries had occurred; Percutaneous injury (PI) rate for all hospitals was 19.
According to one study by EPInet in 1999 (10), out of 5000 percutaneous injuries due to sharps, 62 per cent involved hollow bore needles.
Berguer: The most telling data that has come out in the last few years has been from Epinet.
However, the Yap Epinet Team reported a dengue outbreak caused by DENV-1 in Yap state that began in the last week of May 2004.
In the most recent two years of EPINet data (2000-2001), approximately 10.
The Department of Health issued an electronic warning on its NHS-wide electronic Epinet system after the CDSC alerted them to the cases.
Specifically, NJSP will implement the Crossflo DataExchange[R] (CDX) solution to continue and expand its current data integration capabilities between the NJSP Records Management System (RMS) and the NJSP Statewide Intelligence Management System (SIMS), as part of the EPINet program.
eliminate personnel time required currently to maintain the ERMA employee health database provide an employee portal for outside vaccination record submission secure and restricted access to only components required by certified users provide real time compliance capture and real time reporting eliminate duplicate record keeping replace Epinet database for OSHA reporting of bloodborne pathogen exposures .