EPIRAElectric Power Industry Reform Act (Philippines)
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On a macro level, this would also provide a categorical answer as to whether EPIRA is moving in the right direction.
and other mandated purposes under the Epira. Such universal collections must be remitted to PSALM as administrator on or before the 15th day of the succeeding month together with the required reports,' the DOF explained.
PSALM reminded delinquent cooperatives that every month of nonremittance of UC is one count of violation of the Epira, which is punishable by fines and penalties of up to P50 million.
Under the EPIRA law, collected UCs must be remitted to PSALM as the administrator on or before the 15th day of the succeeding month together with the required reports.
Drilon said he has yet to review the Epira law, but because suspicions of collusion have surfaced he believes the law needs closer scrutiny.
The epiRA method consisted of online solid-phase extraction with a C8 extraction cartridge (Strata C8 column: 20 [micro]m, 20 x 2.0 mm; Phenomenex) followed by pentafluorophenylpropyl analytical separation (Ascentis Express F5 column: 2.7 [micro]m, 100 x 2.1 mm; Supelco).
The Epira states: "Upon the determination by the president of the Philippines of an imminent shortage of the supply of electricity, Congress may authorise, through a joint resolution, the establishment of additional generating capacity under such terms and conditions as it may approve."
Now on its 18th year of existence, PSALM is still struggling to pay off the loans that NPC had incurred prior to the passage of EPIRA, then estimated at more than P800 billion, and since then with its management of power plants that supply electricity to missionary areas.
Under Epira, the Napocor can cover its missionary subsidies by charging the consumers in those areas a missionary generation rate called the subsidized approved generation rate (SAGR), with the remainder passed on as universal charge for missionary electrification (UC-ME).
Based on the Epira, the petitioners said Meralco, as a distribution utility, may only collect from its consumers distribution wheeling charges, connection fees and retail rate.
In response, Poe said SPSB uses micro-grid technology and is also engaged in transmission and distribution of energy, which, under the EPIRA, requires congressional approval.