EPIRPEmergency Position Indicating Radiobeacon
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The EPIRP II is the second energy-sector project financed through the AfDB-administered Zimbabwe Multi-Donor Trust Fund, explained Alex Rugamba, Director of the AfDB s Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department.
Phase I of the EPIRP was designed to improve the provision of adequate and reliable electricity in an environmentally sound manner.
The key outputs of EPIRP II include: (i) rehabilitated transmission and distribution networks (repaired and replaced cables, overhead lines and transformers and their related accessories); and (ii) rehabilitated or refurbished systems at Hwange Power Plant comprising the Ash Dam for Stage I and Stage II; the Dust Suppression Plant for coal including the Handling Plant of Stage I and Stage II; the Dirty Drain System for Stage I and Stage II; and a replaced Vacuum Cleaning Plant for Stage I and Stage II.