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EPISEdinburgh Pre-Incubator Scheme (Scotland, UK)
EPISElectric Plant in Service (accounting; electricity providers)
EPISEnglish Program for International Students (various universities)
EPISEmployees' Pension Insurance Scheme (Japan)
EPISEstes Park Intermediate School (Estes Park, CO, USA)
EPISElectric Power Industry of Serbia
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Hamby also noted "Unlike PayPal, payQuake offers both swiped and e-commerce solutions, so the fit is natural with our EPIS approach.
EPIS is the ideal terminal to provide (POSA) features for Prepaid Services such as Cellular, Calling Cards, MasterCard, Home Dial Tone and other PIN activated services.
The EPIS terminal will achieve industry average gross margins of 25 percent on average gross sales of $1,100 per unit per month.
EPIS will provide the retailer with another profit center by accepting payments for prepaid services and issuing active PIN numbers for these services.
EPIS is being marketed through the company's marketing arm, Tel-Com Management, in Portland, Ore.