EPISOEl Paso Interreligious Sponsoring Organization (El Paso, TX)
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Earlier this year, RCBC introduced the country's first-of-its-kind digital currency, ePiso, that provides a more secure, affordable, and efficient way to handle cash for daily transactions.
The ePiso utilizes eCurrency technology to enable secure and efficient digital transactions.
RCBC's ePiso is piloted under aregulatory sandboxinitiative regulatory initiativewith the BSP.
RCBC ePiso is Philippine peso that is 'securely digitized so it will not be lost, stolen or counterfeited, unlike physical bills and coins which are prone to security risks and fraud,' the bank said.
The Link Logistics venture was launched in Q4 2011 by the opportunistic fund EPISO, with co-investor and developer Helios Europe, and has a combined project end value of over €250 million.
Founded in 2007, the Hong Kong EPISO strives to reduce the negative attitudes about psychosis among the general public and emphasises the effectiveness of early detection and treatment.
IND is a distinct clinical entity that is genetically different from HD,5 which is characterized his tologically by a total increase in the number of gan glia and ganglion cells per ganglion in the myenteric and submucosal plexuses in the colon.6 IND type A presents acutely in the neonatal period with episo des of intestinal obstruction, diarrhoea, and bloody stools; and in IND type B the clinical picture is in distinguishable from HD.7 When normal ganglion cells are present in the submucosal and intramuscular layers, their population is decreased; the disease is referred to as hypoganglionosis.8 Almost all cases reported in literature occurred relatively late in chil dhood9 and the common complaint of the patients with hypoganglionosis is intractable constipation.10
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Among these are Communities Organized for Public Service; EPISO (El Paso Interreligious Sponsoring Organization); UNO (Spanish for "one" and an acronym for United Neighborhood Organizations), the Chicago area's largest Hispanic community-based organization; United Farm Workers; Southwest Voters Registration Office and many others.
Finally, we note that better inflation performance and improved credibility required less action in terms of driving up short-term rates from all central banks in the second episode compared with the first episo de.
The film also features a clip from the TV show, the only episo de in which Alexis is ever seen embroidering.