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EPISTLEEuropean Process Industries STEP Technical Liaison Executive
EPISTLEEnvironmental, Psychological, Institutional/political, Social, Technological, Legal and Economic (needs)
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But it took all Diana's breezy, newsy, delightful epistle to banish the sting of Ruby's postscript.
Julia herself had written several long epistles to Anna, and it was now the proper time that some of these should be answered, independently of the thousand promises from her friend of writing regularly from every post-office that she might pass on her route to the Gennessee.
He therefore seized the little epistle, and opened it eagerly.
After breakfast two letters arrived for Athos, who read them with profound attention, whilst D'Artagnan could not restrain himself from jumping up several times on seeing him read these epistles, in one of which, there being at the time a very strong light, he perceived the fine writing of Aramis.
During his last fifteen years Pope's original work was done chiefly in two very closely related fields, first in a group of what he called 'Moral' essays, second in the imitation of a few of the Satires and Epistles of Horace, which Pope applied to circumstances of his own time.
Upon the inside of each of these I had to scrawl a few lines on any subject which occurred to me as sufficiently mysterious -- signing all the epistles Tom Dobson, or Bobby Tompkins, or anything in that way.
Linton complied; and had he been unrestrained, would probably have spoiled all by filling his epistles with complaints and lamentations.
Lowry reports that he consulted these translations, but the problem with them is that "all the previous translations suffer from a common ill: none of the translators seems to feel that the Epistle offers a coherent vision of the law" (pp.
By contrast, AbE1/2 l-xAAlyux" al-MaxAarry1/2's The Epistle of Forgiveness and xAyCx"ishah al-ByuxAE1/2ny1/2yah's The Principles of Sufism require placing oneself in a different framework of literary expectations.
Many interpreters identify the author of this epistle as James the brother of Jesus, a leader of the Jerusalem church (Acts 15:13-21) whose martyrdom is reported by the Jewish historian Josephus in his "Antiquities.
4), from the first epistle of the second book would radically alter our appreciation of that work.
One of his most beloved songs--it is still frequently sung--was written in 1773, Epistle No.