EPJEuropean Physical Journal
EPJEspace Pluriel Jeunes (French youth association)
EPJEuropean Polymer Journal (Elsevier publication)
EPJÉquipements Polyvalents Jeunes (French youth association)
EPJEncuentros de Promoción Juvenil (Guatemala Catholic youth group)
EPJÉco-Parlement des Jeunes (French youth association)
EPJEuropean Patent Judiciary (European Patent Organization)
EPJElk Point-Jefferson (South Dakota school)
EPJEuropéenne de Protection Juridique (French: European Legal Protection)
EPJElektroniske Patient Journal (Danish: Electronic Patient Record; health care)
EPJÉcole de Prière pour Jeunes (French Catholic school)
EPJÉcole de Plongée de Jette (French: Jette Diving School; Jette, Belgium)
EPJEvil Pawn Jewelry (Kansas City, MO)
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Atelier EPJ, the F&B consultancy, design and management specialist founded by Patrick John and Elmar Pichorner in 2010, has named Ryan Hattingh as its newest Partner.
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