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EPLEclipse Public License
EPLEnglish Premier League (soccer)
EPLEmployment Practices Liability
EPLEurophysics Letters
EPLEnergy Partners, Ltd
EPLEvaluated Products List
EPLEvanston Public Library (Illinois)
EPLEthernet Private Line
EPLEjército Popular de Liberación (Colombia)
EPLEmployment Protection Legislation
EPLEat, Pray, Love (book and film)
EPLEthernet Powerlink (realtime data transmission)
EPLEntreprises Publiques Locales (French: Local Public Enterprises)
EPLEl Pollo Loco (restaurant chain)
EPLExtensor Pollicis Longus
EPLElectron Projection Lithography
EPLEastern Plaguelands (gaming, World of Warcraft)
EPLEffective Privilege Level
EPLExploit Prevention Labs (Internet security firm; AVG Technologies)
EPLEdison Price Lighting (Long Island City, New York)
EPLPrimitive Ectoderm-Like Cell (biology)
EPLEcho Path Loss
EPLEmployment Practices Litigation
EPLEcole Polytechnique de Louvain (Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium)
EPLELINT Parameter List
EPLEllenville Public Library & Museum (Ellenville, New York)
EPLEngineering Parts List
EPLElectronic Packaging Laboratory
EPLElectronic, Electrical, and Electromechanical (EEE) Parts List
EPLEmporia Public Library
EPLElliptically Polarized Light
EPLEquipment Parts List
EPLElectron Physics Laboratory (University of Michigan)
EPLExercise Psychology Laboratory
EPLEarly Programming Language
EPLElectrophysics Laboratory
EPLELINT Parameter Limits List
EPLElectron Prototype Lab
EPLEngineering Project Leader
EPLEffective Propagation Loss
EPLElectronic Parameter Limits
EPLExecution Price List
EPLEmitter Position Location
EPLEmitter Parameters Limit
EPLEmitter Parameters Listing
EPLExcess Profits Levy (British)
EPLEpilepsy Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada)
EPLExtracorporeal Piezoelectric Shock-Wave Lithotripsy
EPLEaga Partnership Limited
EPLEscondido Public Library (Escondido, CA)
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The combined policy features include:Full EPL coverage including discrimination, harassment, common law violations, wrongful termination and treatment and available third-party discrimination coverage, as well as various damages including punitive damages.
EPL has begun working to develop the platform, and EPL President/CEO Wayne Benson said the CUSO anticipates its first CDCU clients will be utilizing it by the end of 2016.
EPL Bio Analytical Services (EPL BAS) is an award winning, Good Laboratory Practice compliant (GLP), ISO 17025 accredited analytical contract lab.
Saturday's extravaganza of EPL not only includes three live EPL games but also brings the viewer all the stories and goals from the games across Europe's major leagues.
The EPL will be playing a key role in assisting with the competition management, referee development and training, stadium operations and backstage preparations.
In a statement issued on Tuesday, North River Resources said it is currently collating historic data on the new EPL and plans to conduct a review of structural geology, followed by a geochemistry and geophysics programme, to identify new exploration targets.
But with the EPL's unilateral decision to do away with the AAG in March, Fayant says the EPL has returned to colonial practises, figuring it knows best how to reach the Aboriginal community.
Best) and Philadelphia (A+) for our EPL policies as carriers with strong financial backing and innovative EPL policies.
The deal, which is expected to close in the fourth quarter if shareholders of both companies approve, also includes EPL taking over $800 million of Stone Energy debt.
Likely EPL coverage issues: Given the growth of EPL coverage in recent years, the paucity of reported decisions is surprising.
New York, thinks that a great many EPL claims are still in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission pipeline.