EPLAEuropean Patent Litigation Agreement
EPLAEnvironment and Planning Law Association (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
EPLAElectric Power Load Analysis
EPLAEnvironmental Planning and Landscape Architecture (various locations)
EPLAElectronics Precedence List Agency
EPLAElectronic Products License Agreement (online use agreement)
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The European Union had started work on a proposal similar to the EPLA in the late 1990s (115) as a follow-up to the Lisbon Special European Council.
140) The consultation, however, also showed that a large majority of respondents supported the unified litigation system under the EPLA, rather than the Community Patent Court proposed by the European Commission in 2003.
Both the EPLA and the most recent draft of the UPLS illustrate that the best solution to a unified patent litigation system in Europe is to establish a centralized court with exclusive jurisdiction over infringement and invalidity claims.
In light of the recent opinion from the European Court of Justice, the EPLA is the most promising approach for a future unified patent litigation system throughout Europe since the opinion likely marks the end of the UPLS.
EPLA, which is the only provider of such a service in the UK, designs individual worming programmes for horses and delivers the treatment at the right time.
EPLA has previously received investment from two xnos angels, including Robin Williams, who has made this latest investment.
Commenting on his latest investment, Mr Williams said: "I was keen to increase my investment in EPLA because it provides a unique service aimed at the large animal health market.
Opponents of software patents believe that the EPLA is
attempted to achieve the same goals via the EPLA and the London
189) The EPLA would set up one judicial system for patent
Top-load strength of EPLA is comparable to that of conventional EPS, Synbra says, but without the problems associated with pentane blowing agents.
EPLA got the 'Presidential Award for Good Manufacturing Practices' (GMP) on merit.