EPLAEuropean Patent Litigation Agreement
EPLAEl Paso Leadership Academy (El Paso, TX)
EPLAEnvironment and Planning Law Association (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
EPLAElectric Power Load Analysis
EPLAEnvironmental Planning and Landscape Architecture (various locations)
EPLAElectronics Precedence List Agency
EPLAElectronic Products License Agreement (online use agreement)
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Opponents of the EPLA argue that patent litigation costs would increase, rather than decrease, under the EPLA.
EPLA estimates that there are more than 70,000 horse owners in the UK and the equine worming treatment market is valued at pounds 75m annually.
The EPLA has also been attacked because of the debate regarding
Synbra's EPLA, trademarked BioFoam, will be colored light green to distinguish it from conventional white EPS.
One of the French government's principal objections was that the EPLA proposed a central European Patent Court under the control of national patents judges.
As a default rule, the EPLA proposes that the European Patent Court have one central court of In'st instance (the Central Chamber), but the creation of regional chambers in any member state is also allowed.
EPLA got the 'Presidential Award for Good Manufacturing Practices' (GMP) on merit.
Many PGE officials and administrators interviewed claimed that the orderly entry of the EPLA into Asmara, the absence of reprisals against collaborators and the smooth transition to government was facilitated by the presence of |our people'.
EPLA also supplies the pet and livestock market with wormers.
Ideally there will be a debate with ministers that would provide endorsement for working on the best compromises on the EPLA and a Community jurisdiction.
The document also responds to concerns from France, backed by other member states, that a system based on EPLA (see box) would be too independent of the Community framework.