EPLCEducation Policy and Leadership Center (Harrisburg, PA)
EPLCEuropean Public Law Center
EPLCEnterprise Performance Life Cycle (US HSS)
EPLCEco-Peace Leadership Centre (UN Environment Programme)
EPLCEuropean Pharma Law Centre (UK)
EPLCEffective Professional Learning Community (UK)
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The primary component of the risk transfer rests with the creation of a synthetic dividend or swap payment, whereby ENE pays a floating payment stream to cover the EPLC notes' debt service and equity distributions and, in return, receives a fixed payment stream.
A more in-depth analysis of EPLC can be found at `www.
The results show great concern for the economy, as well as the notion that stronger schools strengthen the economy," said EPLC President Ron Cowell.
CONTACT: Ron Cowell, President, EPLC, +1-412-298-4796, cowell@eplc.