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EPLDErasable Programmable Logic Device
EPLDElectrically Programmable Logic Device
EPLDElectronic Programmable Logic Device
EPLDEureka Public Library District (Eureka, IL)
EPLDEdward Pennie Lighting Designs (UK)
EPLDElkhart Public Library District (Elkhart, IL)
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CONTACT: press, Ravi Pragasam, Manager of EPLD Strategic Marketing, 408-487-2659, or ravip@atmel.
The ordering part number for ProChip Designer permanent license is ATDS1500PC, and is priced at $995, but remember the CD's are free and Atmel EPLD customers may qualify for a permanent license "gift.
CONTACT: Ravi Pragasam, Strategic Marketing Manager for EPLDs, 408-487-2659, or ravip@atmel.
The XPGM programmer is specifically designed to make programming Xilinx EPLDs and SPROMs easy and intuitive with its "no compromise" command-line-driven interface.
The Xilinx XC3100A FPGA family XC3400 hardwire families and the XC7300 EPLD family are 100 percent PCI compliant as explained in the component electrical checklist and the example design files available to customers by Xilinx.
According to Forrest Huff, EPLD product marketing manager, "The ATF1504ASV continues Atmel's focus on portable, battery-operated and power sensitive applications.
With only slight modification, most AHDL designs that have been implemented in other EPLD architectures, such as the EPM7032, can be migrated to the programmable logic on the ZPSD6XXV.
Many AHDL designs that have been implemented in another type of EPLD may be copied into PSDsoft and migrated to the programmable logic on the ZPSD6XX with minimal modification.
The EPLD product family grew 80% to more than $3 million.