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EPLDErasable Programmable Logic Device
EPLDElectrically Programmable Logic Device
EPLDElectronic Programmable Logic Device
EPLDEureka Public Library District (Eureka, IL)
EPLDEdward Pennie Lighting Designs (UK)
EPLDElkhart Public Library District (Elkhart, IL)
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The Kit has everything a logic designer needs to actually do a Logic Doubling CPLD design, including the EPLD Software CD with ProChip Designer 3.
The EPLD product family grew 80% to more than $3 million.
The introduction of the XC7336Q product squarely addresses the low power requirements of our expanding customer base and is a significant enhancement to our low-end product offering," said Nick Kucharewski, general manager of the Xilinx EPLD division.
The complaint also alleges that certain programmable logic devices within Cypress' CY7C340 EPLD family infringe AMD patents.
The new Workview PLUS also includes a more powerful optimization engine that is included in ViewFPGA, for the best results for EPLD and FPGA device synthesis.
Combining Xilinx's strength in FPGA and EPLD programmable logic devices and process technologies with NeoCAD's advanced FPGA software technology, the merger will provide Xilinx's large customer base with immediate access to even more powerful FPGA software design solutions.