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EPLEÉtablissement Public Local d'Enseignement (French: Establishment of Local Public Education)
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The purpose of this contract is the granting of a non-exclusive user right and the integration of an it solution for budgetary, Financial and accounting management for eples and the provision of related services.
Collective purchase of storable foodstuffs for 60 high schools and gollges of the group of orders da01 districts of calais, boulogne, montreuil, st-omer and some eple of the north.
Contract notice: Cleaning of eple grease traps in the le-de-france region.
Contract notice: Provision of grocery products for the members of the control group of eple and attached to the point of caux for 2018.
Supply and delivery of large meat cattle for EPLE Eure and affiliated members in 2018-2020 control group.
Contract notice: purchase and delivery of frozen foods for members of the grouping of the eure and affiliated eple 2018-2019.
Tenders Are Invited for Framework technical assistance agreement relating to multimedia cabling works in eples within the region of ile-de-france.