EPLEFPAÉtablissement Public Local d'Enseignement et de Formation Professionnelle Agricole (French: Local Public Education and Vocational Training in Agriculture)
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The subject of the consultation is a project management contract concerning the restructuring of the boarding school building a at eplefpa la saussaye in sours (28) according to articles l.
The public local institution of education and professional agricultural training (eplefpa) of the pas de calais is located on three sites: tilloy mofflaines, saint omer and radinghem.
Creation of a green academy around anaerobic digestion: the CTE foresees the collaboration between the agricultural school of Barotte (EPLEFPA) and the high school Eugene Guillaume de Montbard, to set up at the beginning of the school year 2020 a "pack" of formations which covers all stages of the life of an anaerobic digestion project.
Tenders are invited for Development of the premises REACHED and transfer of the infirmary - EPLEFPA in Rethel (08)
Contract notice: work on the development of attee premises and transfer of the infirmary - eplefpa in rethel (08)
The ministers will visit the EPLEFPA "Les Sillons de Haute-Alsace" (Local Public Education and Vocational Training Institution) which offers training ranging from CAP to BTS in the fields of agriculture, viticulture, agriculture and forestry.