EPLIEmployment Practices Liability Insurance
EPLIElliot Park Lifesciences Institute (Minneapolis, MN)
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Acknowledging the heightened sensitivity among workers and an environment that is more prone to employment practices claims, EPLI insurers are adjusting their policy terms and coverage provisions.
Another decade or so might have been required to complete the process had it not been for the introduction of EPLI, which has increased the pace of change dramatically.
Despite the risks, Chubb says only 30% of respondents purchase EPLI.
The need for EPLI came about as the relationship between the employer and employee grew more adversarial and complex through the passage of laws such as The Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), The Civil Rights Act of 1991, and the Americans With Disabilities Act, all of which significantly expanded the number of plaintiffs who can sue and the remedies available to them.
A significant limitation is the common EPLI exclusion for claims alleging bodily injury.
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EPLI remains a competitive market, says Kurzon, "but we expect to see a shift given the high visibility of these bad actors that have made it into the mainstream news lately.
All EPLI policies cover claims against your practice and its owners and employees, but some cover claims against full-time employees only.
You can keep the EPLI and the Pistol Tool--as well as all that ammo you'll buy for your new Curve--in the MTM Ammo Crate Utility Box CR5 from MTM Case-Gard.
EPLI coverage can be added to your general liability policy or sold as a standalone piece of coverage for your business.
The EPLI also features a strobe setting that can be used as an SOS signal in an emergency situation.
Another tiny, yet powerful option is the EPLI ($80) from Brite-Strike.