EPLOEuropean Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EU)
EPLOEmergency Preparedness Liaison Officer
EPLOEuropean Peace Liaison Office
EPLOEuropean Public Law Organization (also seen as EPLC; aka European Public Law Center; Athens, Greece)
EPLOExpert Property Locating Organization (Salt Lake City, UT)
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gt;>; EPLO Statement on the European Union's Role in Dialogue and Mediation, October 2009, p.
99) EPLO, <<EU Support to peace mediation: developments and challenges>>, May 2013, p.
104) EPLO esta conformada por 32 organizaciones procedentes de 13 paises europeos, de 10 Estados miembros, junto con Kosovo, Noruega y Suiza.
The role of the EU may be to offer support inside mediators and to argue for them to be given a formal role, as well as to provide funding for their efforts; EPLO, <<EU Support to peace mediation .
Under this option, regular meetings between the EPLO and the USTLD chairs, USTLD delegates, the EU Caucus, and staff could be arranged to share insights, observations, and other information regarding activities in both the Congress and the EP.
Supporters of this option note that it could likely be implemented quickly given that the staff of the EPLO appear eager to establish good, close relations with Members of Congress and their staffs and would likely welcome the opportunity to have a regular exchange of views.
Mission to the EU, much as the EPLO has been established administratively within the office space of the Washington Delegation of the European Union.
The EPLO program also provides standardization of qualification requirements, selection criteria and training for Reserve officers and NCOs serving as liaison officers with military and civilian emergency management offices.
For information on the Air Force EPLO program, contact the Air Force National Security and Emergency Preparedness Agency at (404) 464-13-12.
Most EPLOs are colonels and lieutenant colonels with at least three years of retainability.
Most EPLOs are colonels or lieutenant colonels with at least three years retainability.
That's what the EPLOs say makes their career field so rewarding.