EPLOEuropean Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EU)
EPLOEmergency Preparedness Liaison Officer
EPLOEuropean Peace Liaison Office
EPLOEuropean Public Law Organization (also seen as EPLC; aka European Public Law Center; Athens, Greece)
EPLOExpert Property Locating Organization (Salt Lake City, UT)
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The EPLO program also provides standardization of qualification requirements, selection criteria and training for Reserve officers and NCOs serving as liaison officers with military and civilian emergency management offices.
For information on the Air Force EPLO program, contact the Air Force National Security and Emergency Preparedness Agency at (404) 464-13-12.
Most EPLOs are colonels and lieutenant colonels with at least three years of retainability.
When disaster strikes and local and state officials look to the federal government for help, EPLOs quickly go to work behind the scenes as part of the DOD response effort.
Slate and regional EPLOs work directly with the DCO, military installations and the National Guard in their states to determine the status of plans, the types of DOD resources that might be needed and the availability of resources should federal help be requested.
Most EPLOs are colonels or lieutenant colonels with at least three years retainability.
That's what the EPLOs say makes their career field so rewarding.