EPLRSEnhanced Position Location and Reporting System (also seen as EPLARS)
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Because they did not operate Stryker vehicles, the Military Police Platoon needed an existing EPLRS to transmit and receive data to and from the network.
If a platoon leader from a Bradley unit who normally operates an EPLRS radio tries to log onto the FBCB2 system from another vehicle that runs a sat-com radio, he will not be able to access the network because his user profile shows that his equipment is not compatible with the sat-com network.
In 1997, the EPLRS radio design, like most defense products, was based on around 99 percent use of military components.
For example, in the UHF band, where you have EPLRS waveform operating simultaneously with a new Wideband Networking Waveform (WNW), you would know at a certain time slot that you are transmitting a message on a certain frequency in both WNW and EPLRS.
Under the terms of the initial two-year contract valued at $211 M, Raytheon is expected to deliver 1736 EPLRS systems and spare parts to the US Army, Navy and Marine Corps.
Also, the ITT "sidehat" radio cannot yet run the EPLRS waveform, as the story reported, because we haven't yet provided that capability to ITT.
C4 equipment includes FBCB2 (Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below [ANYUK-128]), SINCGARS (single-channel ground and airborne radio subsystem [ANVRC-91F]), EPLRS (enhanced position-locating reporting system [ANV/SQ-2Q(V)1]), PLGR/DAGR (precise lightweight GPS receiver/defense advanced GPS receiver), and FHMUX (frequency hopping multiplexor).
The EPLRS radio provides a robust, on-the-move, high-speed, automated data exchange using a contention-free networking architecture.
There is immense competition for the EPLRS waveform," Foley said, referring to the enhanced position location and reporting system network.
The Medium CRP payload will employ both EPLRS and SINCGARS radios and, again, fly in conjunction with an EO/IR payload for simultaneous voice and data relay.
Along with email and data handling across a wireless network, this upgrade to the EPLRS allows troops to send and receive data.
The STN is currently a closed training network composed of realistic communications links utilizing VLAN's, STT's, EPLRS, Harris radios and Secure Wireless LAN.