EPLRSEnhanced Position Location and Reporting System (also seen as EPLARS)
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The true strength of the Land Warrior as a force multiplier was revealed with the use of the EPLRS radio network to transmit position, voice, and other data between ensembles and vehicles.
If a platoon leader from a Bradley unit who normally operates an EPLRS radio tries to log onto the FBCB2 system from another vehicle that runs a sat-com radio, he will not be able to access the network because his user profile shows that his equipment is not compatible with the sat-com network.
The capabilities and technologies contained in EPLRS have evolved over 20 years, but in recent years, use of value engineering (VE) has brought significant improvements and substantial acquisition savings to the EPLRS program, resulting in enhanced system performance, reduced procurement cost, and lower life cycle cost.
The scheduled enhancements for IDM V7.0 include: more fully integrating Army Aviation into the Tactical Internet by adding support for EPLRS radios, improved Situational Awareness processing and Blue Force Awareness, improved non-line-of-sight reach by adding support for HF and SATCOM radios, and adding additional support for VMF messages for use by FBCB2-Air.
"That is why Link 16, HAVE QUICK, SINCGARS, EPLRS, [and] those types of waveforms all have frequency hopping or frequency agility of some sort built into their waveforms.
has been awarded a modification to a multiyear US Army contract for procurement of the Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS).
Raytheon Canada has been promoting its various systems for the surveillance suite, including its enhanced position location reporting system (EPLRS) and an operator control station with what it is calling TerraSight image processing.
As a Land Warrior-enabled brigade, being within the EPLRS bubble also greatly enhances the real time situational awareness of the brigade commander.
"The JTRS radios will host the ported P25 waveform as well as JTRS networking and current force military waveforms such as SINCGARS (Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System), EPLRS (Enhanced Position Location Reporting System), HF, Link 16, or UHF SATCOM (Ultra High Frequency Satellite Communications)," Dr.
The AN/TSQ-158, enhanced position location reporting system (EPLRS) radios,
The COP produced by FCS systems will provide more than reported friendly and enemy positions, the type of information already available from the Blue Force Tracker or Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS) radio.
Also, the ITT "sidehat" radio cannot yet run the EPLRS waveform, as the story reported, because we haven't yet provided that capability to ITT.