EPLSExcluded Parties List System
EPLSEasy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
EPLSEnquête sur le Parc Locatif Social (French housing rental survey)
EPLSEuropean Pediatric Life Support (course)
EPLSEmbedded Platform Logistics System (US Marine Corps)
EPLSEstate Planning Law Specialist
EPLSEthernet Private Line Service (computer networking)
EPLSDepartment of Educational Policy and Leadership Studies (University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA)
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These EPLs comprise the 100% owned Reptile Project tenements that contain the bulk of the surficial calcrete resources of the Company located within the highly prospective Tumas palaeochannel (86Mlb U3O8 grading 306ppm) and the basement alaskite resources of 45.1Mlb grading 420ppm U3O8.
Appreciating the efforts of EPLS, he said that such selfless services would be respected by all and sundry.
Table 1 presents the results obtained on CIFAR-10 dataset compared to the OMP-k, sparse RBM, sparse coding, sparse auto-encoder, K-means, sparse filtering, EPLS, shallow CNN, PCANet, Exemplar-CNN, and Zero-bias CNN methods.
Only 39 percent of the participants had completed an official pediatric emergency course of the established organizations of the European Resuscitation Council or the American Heart Association (ATLS [8], PALS [10], and EPLS [7]) over the course of the last two years prior to the trauma training.
Gundermann added: There's no need for that since EPLs are now encapsulated and thus, more convenient to take every day.
The computer-aided implementation of the developed methods in Simulink, an add-on product to MATLAB, with the use of the blocks developed by the authors makes it possible to model processes of power transformer saturation during geoelectric storms and to define the instantaneous and RMS values of magnetizing currents of power transformers; RMS values of geomagnetically induced currents in neutrals and grounded windings of PT and phase wires of EPL, the instantaneous values of total currents and voltages in all the elements of the electric power grid.
Since the EPLS screening by State/PRM began in 2009, the analysis has resulted in no matches against the EPLS.
The state bar associations of Idaho and Tennessee have adopted the EPLS certification program as their official board certification program in the area of estate planning law.
(20) Once a contractor is suspended, debarred, or proposed for debarment, the agency is required to list the contractor in the General Services Administration's (GSA) System for Award Management (SAM) (21)--which consolidates several procurement databases, including the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) (22)--for the public, and more importantly, contracting officers to see.
AMID DEBATE last fall over new research about tar sands contaminants in northern Alberta, the Cumulative Environmental Management Association (CEMA) advisory body sent a 100-year plan for creating 30 end-pit lakes (EPLs) to the provincial government for consideration.
Its records cover past adverse actions, suspension or debarment entries from the Excluded Parties Listing System (EPLS), information on administrative settlements and other contractor-reported data.