EPLSExcluded Parties List System
EPLSEnquête sur le Parc Locatif Social (French housing rental survey)
EPLSEuropean Pediatric Life Support (course)
EPLSEmbedded Platform Logistics System (US Marine Corps)
EPLSEstate Planning Law Specialist
EPLSEthernet Private Line Service (computer networking)
EPLSDepartment of Educational Policy and Leadership Studies (University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA)
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Most of the highlighted issues involved the inconsistent and improper use of EPLS as well as the uneven application of S&Ds by the various agencies.
On 26 February 2009, just one day after the GAO released Report 09-174 criticizing EPLS and finding that suspended or debarred contractors continued to receive federal contracts, (59) the House of Representatives' Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a hearing entitled "How Convicts and Con Artists Receive New Federal Contracts.
Suspensions and debarments made up about 16 percent of exclusions in EPLS for fiscal years 2006 through 2010.
4 requires contracting officials to check EPLS after receipt of bids and proposals and before awarding the contract.
EPLS is a highly visible tool under IAE, receiving more than nine million hits in May 2007.
The versatility of WatchDOG[R] Pro and WinPro will also give the BCBS companies the ability to choose the watch lists that are applicable for their operations, such as the OIG list, which prevents certain individuals or businesses from participating in federally funded health care programs, and the EPLS list, which blocks targeted individuals or businesses from receiving federal contracts.
Recommendation: To improve the effectiveness of the suspension and debarment process, the Administrator of General Services should issue guidance to procurement officials on the requirement to check EPLS prior to awarding contracts and to suspension and debarment officials on the 5-day entry and contractor identification number requirements.
These excluded parties received funding in part because agency officials failed to search EPLS or because their searches did not reveal the exclusions as a result of system deficiencies.
Anoto and Hitachi will develop the extension of this system, the EPLS, to incorporate functionality suitable for large corporations and organizations, e.
She noted that nearly 500km of new gas pipelines, including the doubling of the capacity of the EPLS from Escravos to Oben and the extension from Oben to Geregu and River Imo to Alaoji, have been concluded and commissioned.
They really see EPLS as a way to improve processes, and we see the system as a way to support them as they go into harm's way.