EPMCEngineering and Project Management Consultancy (various locations)
EPMCEstes Park Medical Center (Estes Park, Colorado, USA)
EPMCEmployer Paid Member Contribution
EPMCEast Pasco Medical Center (Zephyrhills, FL, USA)
EPMCExtramural Program Management Committee
EPMCEnterprise Programme Management Committee (European Union)
EPMCEden Park Motorist Centre (UK)
EPMCEuropean Microelectronics and Packaging Conference
EPMCExecutive Program Management Course
EPMCErster Plastik-Modellbauclub (Dresden, Germany)
EPMCExtramural Scientific Program Management Committee (US NIH)
EPMCempirical potential Monte-Carlo
EPMCExecutive Project Management Course
EPMCEliya Prabha Maternity Center (Bangalore, India)
EPMCEast Pacific Merchandise Company
EPMCEngineering Program Management Consultant
EPMCEastern Pennsylvania Mennonite Church (religious group)
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Table 1 summarizes the proceeding data to illustrate the utilization of EPMC (p.
The Commission did much soul-searching in deciding upon EPMC, reviewing a number of alternative approaches.
In contrast to its adoption of EPMC for revenue allocation in H.
In terms of our approach in the EPMC, the tasks used two main techniques to stimulate minds on: an activity that in some way 'warmed up' student thinking for the task ahead, or simply plunged students into the challenging question that was the main task.
The challenging tasks devised and implemented in the EPMC project did not lend themselves to this model of mathematics teaching.
Members of the project team observed teachers teach the tasks we were trialling in the EPMC.
The EPMC project has involved four different schools to date, and we have developed a list of suggested strategies drawing upon what the research team and teachers are learning together across the schools.
In operation since 1985, EPMC is one of the largest enterprises in Pasco County and offers area residents a wide range of state-of-the-art services, including a cardiac catheterization center, SPECT camera for nuclear medicine studies and CT, MRI and color flow echo doppler systems.