EPMCSEmergency Preparedness Mobile Communications System
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The idea that the nature of work typically associated with EPMCS, in call centres for instance, is depersonalising is not new, but if we connect depersonalisation to petrification, as Laing does in explaining the anxiety of the ontologically insecure, then the notion takes on more worrying overtones.
Any jobs involving the use of information technology lend themselves to EPMCSs (electronic performance-monitoring control systems) which has the effect of rendering no realm of employee activity beyond the gaze of the employer (Alge 2001).
There is evidence to suggest that employees subjected to EPMCSs, particularly in environments such as call centres, are likely to ex perience increased levels of anxiety and stress, simply from the increased pressure to perform and the concomitant sense of loss of control (DiTecco, Cwitco, Arsenault and Andre 1992; Smith, Carayon, Saunders, Lim and LeGrande 1992).