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EPMDErick and Parrish Making Dollars (rap group)
EPMDElectron Positron Momentum Density (physics)
EPMDEngineering and Project Management Division (Feedback Ventures)
EPMDElectric Plant Monitoring Device
EPMDEnlisted Personnel Management Director/Directorate
EPMDExtrapyramidal Movement Disorder (motor dysfunction)
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You and Erik have split up as EPMD quite a few times but you always end up back together as EPMD.
Secondary EPMD arises from within the apocrine gland and grows for a long time, or occurs when the same or similar cells from underlying adenocarcinoma in the genitourinary or GI tract migrate upward.
With 10 gold, 6 platinum and 2 multiplatinum records, and a roster of artists that includes rappers LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Run DMC, EPMD and Bid Daddy Kane, Def Jam was responsible for 60%, or about $21 million, of Rush Communications' annual revenue last year.
Zach joins Connie Price & The Keystones, a seasoned funk revival group who have backed marquee acts including Slick Rick, EPMD and Rodriguez.
I like tracks from Niggaz 4 Life by NWA, everything from EPMD.
EPMD intends to use the deflectable or "steerable" catheter, in conjunction with its SilverFlex(TM) technology to have a multi-function electrode catheter.
Currently, hip hop artists like EPMD credit those works they have digitally sampled in this fashion: "This recording embodies portions of the recording and composition 'The Message' by Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five; appears courtesy of Sugar Hill Records.
This September, fans can rock two new A/V releases titled, "Scion A/V Remix - Big Gipp" and "Scion A/V Remix - EPMD.
Over 30 performances in four genres of African American music highlight the spirit of Lincoln Park's urban eco-village: a tribute to Newark's great jazz composers James Moody, Wayne Shorter and more, a gospel showcase with "How Sweet the Sound" A Verizon Experience and Newark Idol youth performers, encore performances by house music icons Loleatta Holloway and DJ Joaquin "Joe" Claussell, and hip-hop pioneers EPMD, Big Daddy Kane and many more celebrate the 33rd Anniversary of The Rock Steady Crew.
Fontana's release schedule for the remainder of 2008 is just as aggressive, with upcoming releases from Bleeding Through (Trustkill), Taj Mahal (Heads Up), Tori Amos (Eagle Rock), Mannheim Steamroller (American Gramaphone), Elliott Yamin (TRP-Hickory), Senses Fail (Vagrant), Waylon Jennings (Vagrant), Lil Rob (Upstairs), MF Doom (Lex), Eagles of Death Metal (Downtown), Jon B (Arsenal), Travis (Fontana International - Red Telephone Box), Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan (Fontana International), Lynyrd Skynyrd (Eagle Rock), Dimebag Darrell DVD+Book (Big Vin), EPMD (EP Records), Mos Def (Downtown), Pastor Troy (SMC), and Kid Sister (Downtown), among numerous others.
Guerilla Union on Hip Hop Official" will kick off in conjunction with the ROCK THE BELLS tour, featuring Rage Against the Machine, Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, and Public Enemy along with respected artists like Cypress Hill, The Roots, Mos Def, EPMD, DOOM, and many more.
You almost never hear a rap crew today working like EPMD or 3rd Bass," says Cena.