EPMRExternal Programme and Management Review
EPMREndoskopische Posteriore Mesorektum Resektion (German: Mesorektum Posterior Endoscopic Resection; medical procedure)
EPMREmbarked Personnel Material Report
EPMRExtended Perinatal Mortality Rate
EPMREcho Planar Magnetic Resonance
EPMREquipotent Molar Ratio (Pharmacology)
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Completing the product development of the EPMR software; -- Completing the validation of the EPMR software in the Canadian and United States medical community; -- Developing a distributor network in the United States; and -- Completing the building of the United States sales and marketing team
Contract notice: Maintenance and repairs of elevators, freight lifts and EPMR in the buildings and colleges of the Department of Sane-et-Loire (71).
Contract notice: Maintenance contract with tele alarm and works on elevators, lifts and EPMR of the CCAS heritage - framework agreement with mono-attribute order forms, without minimum or maximum.
Contract notice: Complete maintenance of 47 elevators, 1 EPMR and 6 stair lift platforms of the Villejuif OPH.