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EPNEspace Public Numérique (French: Digital Public Space)
EPNEscuela Politécnica Nacional
EPNeBay Partner Network
EPNEducation Podcast Network
EPNEvent Processing Network
EPNEnvironmental Professionals Network (various organizations)
EPNEmpresa Portuaria Nacional (Nicaragua)
EPNEcumenical Pharmaceutical Network
EPNEntomopathogenic Nematode (worm species)
EPNElectronic Product News
EPNEnvironmental Paper Network (Asheville, NC)
EPNExtended Petri Net
EPNÉtablissement Public National (French: National Public Institution)
EPNExpansion Port Network
EPNEuropean Pulsar Network
EPNElectronic Pool Notification
EPNElf Petroleum Nigeria
EPNExempla Physician Network (Denver, CO)
EPNEnvironmental Protection Notice
EPNEscola de Pais Nacional (Portugal)
EPNElectronic Project Notebook
EPNEvent Planning Network (Harrisburg, PA)
EPNExtended Port Network
EPNExtended Part Number
EPNEstablished Premium Neighborhood (real estate)
EPNElectronic Poker Network
EPNEquity Participation Note (financial instrument; aka Equity Linked Note, ELN)
EPNEvil People Network
EPNEstes Park News (Estes Park, Colorado, USA newspaper)
EPNError-Prone Network
EPNExploitation du Parc Nucléaire (French: Nuclear Power Operations)
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Even in Asian countries like Korea and Thailand, they are also using EPN to control insect pests in vegetables.
Index-linked Swap Liabilities: EPN holds three RPI-linked swaps which must be paid down every five years, with a liability of GBP307 million at 31 March 2017.
This shows the extreme importance of molecular data in EPN systematics but also the necessity of good practice in interpretation.
She was diagnosed with EPN and uncontrolled hyperglycemia.
The number of EPN per sterilized or non-sterilized soil pot was estimated.
METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed the clinical, laboratory, radiological findings and treatment modalities of 18 patients with EPN followed at our institute between 2010 and 2014.
Based on CT findings, we classified their EPN as class 1 (n = 3), class 2 (n = 3), and class 3a (n = 2) (Table 1).
3-5) The diagnosis of EPN is difficult based on history, physical exam and laboratory values alone; thus, radiological imaging is necessary to confirm the diagnosis.
El conflicto de interes de EPN es claro, a la luz de las siguientes razones: a) Porque hay un proveedor que es amigo por mas de 30 anos del presidente; b) Ese proveedor le vendio una casa en Ixtapan de la Sal al servidor publico que fue gobernador y ahora es presidente de la Republica; y c) Ese proveedor, como el mismo lo afirma, tiene su base de negocios en Ixtapan de la Sal, pero resulta inverosimil que fue una "casualidad" que a partir de dicha venta aderezada de esa amistad aneja obtuviera contratos en el Estado de Mexico y en el gobierno federal con EPN por mas de 100 millones de dolares.
0 g of EPN dissolving in it was added in the mixture and then the mixture was stirred at 125[degrees]C for 3 h.
2013), reference stations for the alignment of national network to the EPN (Bruyninx, 2004) must belong to the class A of the last ITRS/ETRS89 solution and have collected observations for the period coinciding with the measurements made for given study.