EPNdBEffective Perceived Noise in Decibels
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This would result in a 2 to 3 percent thrust reduction and an increase of about 2 EPNdB in takeoff noise.
The exterior noise level of the Q400 is 10 EPNdB (Exterior Perceived Noise in Decibels) lower than that of 70- to 80-seat jets.
Based on the current state of the art, and on the complementary skills we gather in COBRA, on the actions planned in the project, the 9 partners take on ambitious and measurable objectives: to reduce noise by 9 EPNdB per operation vs.
The NG34 technology development program is focused on advances to lower specific fuel consumption (SFC) by at least 15 percent compared to current engines in this segment, up to 15 percent lower cost of ownership and 35 percent margin to CAEP/6 NOx emissions and 15 EPNdB margin to Stage 4 noise requirements while continuing the CF34's 99.
The prospective NG34 engine would be expected to deliver a 10-15 percent reduction in operating costs, with 15-20 percent lower specific fuel consumption, a 50-60 percent margin to CAEP/6 NOx emission limits, a 15 EPNdB margin to ICAO Stage 4 noise limits, and 99.