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EPOErythropoietin (endurance drug)
EPOEmergency Power Off
EPOEntwicklungspolitik Online
EPOEducation and Public Outreach (office)
EPOEsperanto (ISO Language Code)
EPOEosinophil Peroxidase
EPOEmergency Protective Order
EPOEngineering Process Outsourcing
EPOEmergency Preparedness Office
EPOEnterprise Profit Optimization (Manugistics Group, Inc.)
EPOEnvironmental Protection Order
EPOEducation Process Outsourcing
EPOElectronic Purchase Order
EPOExpanded Polyolefin (structural composites foam material)
EPOEducation Programs Office
EPOEarthnet Programme Office
EPOEnterprise Program Office (project management)
EPOEmployee Process Outsourcing
EPOElliniki Podosfairiki Omospondia (Greek Football Federation)
EPOEtobicoke Philharmonic Orchestra
EPOEnvironmental Protection Organization
EPOEngineering Petty Officer (US Coast Guard)
EPOError Performance Objectives
EPOExamination Procedure Outline
EPOEstuarine Programs Office
EPOEuropean Philharmonic Orchestra
EPOEnlisted Programs Officer (US DoD)
EPOElectronic Philharmonic Orchestra
EPOEastern Philharmonic Orchestra
EPOEngine Propeller Order
EPOEquivalent Phase Object
EPOErie Philharmonic Orchestra
EPOEOS Project Office
EPOEuropean Postman Organisation
EPOEuropean Patent Organisation
EPOEvansville Philharmonic Orchestra
EPOEnvironmental Protection Operations (Canada)
ePOePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee)
EPOEpidemiology Program Office (US CDC)
EPOEuropean Patent Office
EPOExclusive Provider Organization
EPOEvening Primrose Oil
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The EPO has supported China in building a patent system from the ground up and creating one of the leading offices worldwide.
2] increased the expression of tumor necrosis factor-[alpha] and interleukin-1[beta] (inflammatory cytokines) in RPE cells, but administration of EPO resulted in reduction of such expression.
For athletes who cheat with EPO, more red cells mean more oxygen for their muscles, allowing them to ride, run or swim faster for longer.
EPO has not been found in tests in Britain and, while testing has revealed its use in American racing, the fear remains that the dopers use newer substances for which tests take time to develop.
When the scientists added a compound that neutralizes EPO, the cell growth in the lab dishes slowed, says study coauthor Hitoshi Takagi, an ophthalmologist at Amagasaki Hospital.
Since 1985 we've known EPO is effective in treating PMS.
The Memorandum of Understanding between the EPO and IEEE-SA the first ever concluded between a patent office and a standardization organization aims exactly at improving the transparency at the interface and the quality of both systems.
Jumps trainer Charlie Mann sparked a furore in Britain in 2001 when he claimed EPO was being used "every day of the week" by certain unscrupulous trainers.
In his experiment, as expected, the high concentrations of EPO produced so many red blood cells that the macaques' blood thickened into sludge.
The report said that EPO sales growth could slow from 5 percent annually to flat or ``even slightly down growth as dialysis providers adjust their usage habits.
The IAAF's anti-doping commission chairman, Professor Arne Ljungqvist, said, "Up until now, all EPO testing in sport has been carried out just prior to, or during, sporting events.