EPOAEnduring Power of Attorney
EPOAEuropean Pride Organizers Association (UK)
EPOAEureka Police Officers Association (California)
EPOAEssex Planning Officers Association (UK)
EPOAEducation Pack Online Account (IBM)
EPOAExercise Plan Of Analysis
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An EPOA must be set up before a person loses legal capacity.
If a test finds any of these four abilities to be lacking, then the person they have appointed to have EPOA has the responsibility to make decisions, as if they were the person themselves.
Health professionals at the conference spoke of situations where, unfortunately, the person/people holding EPOA has/have abused their role and disadvantaged the person who trusted them (eg, by misusing their property).
Education about the Financial Needs of Older People and EPOA
Service providers and NGOs all strongly endorsed the need to foster more widespread understanding of EPOA and its correct use, and the need to foster skills for financial planning for retirement.