EPOPEmployment to Population Ratio (economics)
EPOPElections, Public Opinion and Parties
EPOPElectronic Point of Purchase
EPOPEastern Pennsylvania Organizing Project
EPOPEuropean Polar-Orbiting Platform
EPOPEducation Powers Our Planet
EPOPEducation and Public Outreach Program
EPOPEducational Program for Older Persons
EPOPEarly Post-Operative Prosthetic
EPOPEastgate Professional Office Park
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The change in cyclicality can be decomposed into the contributions from the two components of the LFPR: the EPOP ratio and the UPOP ratio.
Choosing an equity-premium rate for an EPOP plan becomes a much less daunting task when corporate directors recognize a few considerations.
For further information on ZBD, contact 888 ZBD 4 EPOP (888-923-4376) or visit www.
In the 1995 EPOP Yearbook already referred to there is a magisterial account by John Curtice of what went wrong with the public opinion polls in the last general election.
The SeOS ties all of the Accellion EPoPs together, monitors Internet traffic patterns and usage, and intelligently stores and delivers our customers' content to and from the best performing edge locations.
The European hoopoe, Upupa epops is specific regarding its foraging technique and bill morphology (Barbaro et al.
in the first instance,'(76) and Epops (`Hoopoe') plays on this.
Epops is reunited with Procne in the land of the birds, where he has special status because he has human as well as bird knowledge.
20###House Sparow###Passer domesticus###20###Hoopoe###Upupa epops
Through its proprietary operating system SeOS (Smart Edge Operating System) Accellion allows its customers to securely store, and manage content on its global network of EPoPs (Edge Points of Presence).
We have spent the last two years building a proprietary operating system, known as the Smart Edge Operating System(TM) (SeOS(TM)), establishing a global network of EPoPs and proving our technology before taking such to market.
Spacedisk has a global presence with operations in Singapore and India in addition to the United States and a distributed network of EPoPs (Edge Points of Presence) in 5 continents and 22 countries.