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EPPExtensible Provisioning Protocol
EPPEuropean People's Party
EPPEnvironmentally Preferable Purchasing
EPPEngineered Plastic Products (various locations)
EPPEnhanced Parallel Port
EPPEducation and Public Policy (various schools)
EPPEnvironment and Public Policy (various organizations)
EPPExtended Payment Plan (various companies)
EPPEmployee Purchase Program
EPPEnvironmental Policy and Planning (various schools)
EPPÉvaluation des Pratiques Professionnelles (French: Evaluation of Professional Practices)
EPPEasy Payment Plan
EPPExpanded Polypropylene
EPPEnvironmental Protection Program (various organizations)
EPPEquipo de Protección Personal (Spanish: Personal Protective Equipment; construction industry)
EPPETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) Partnership Project
EPPEncrypting Pin Pad
EPPEnvironmental Protection Plan (various locations)
EPPEstate Planning and Probate
EPPEducation Policy and Practice (various organizations)
EPPEducator Preparation Program (various schools)
EPPEqual Payment Plan (billing)
EPPExtruded Polypropylene (foam)
EPPEnhanced Performance Profile
EPPEnd to End Probe Platform
EPPEquipment Protection Policy
EPPEthernet Package Processor
EPPEasy Photo Print
EPPExpert Patients Programme (chronic illness trial; UK)
EPPExtended Projection Principle (linguistic theory)
EPPEmployee Personal Page (various organizations)
EPPÉcole de Psychologues Praticiens (French: School Psychologist Practitioners)
EPPEmergency Preparedness Program (various organizations)
EPPEnhanced Performance Profile (computing)
EPPEquipment Protection Plan
EPPEnvironmentally Preferred Product
EPPEducational Partnership Program (NOAA)
EPPEnergy Policy Project (Ford Foundation)
EPPEnvironmental Policy Program (various schools)
EPPEnd-Plate Potential
EPPEnvironmental Planning Program (various organizations)
EPPÉlectrophorèse des Protéines Plasmatiques (French: Electrophoresis of Plasma Protein)
EPPEinstein Papers Project (California)
EPPErythrocyte Protoporphyrin
EPPExecutive Pay Plan (various locations)
EPPEmergency Pizza Party (band)
EPPEmergency Preparedness Planning
EPPExecutive Potential Program (various organizations)
EPPErythrohepatic Protoporphyria
EPPEnvironment Protection Project
EPPElectric Power Plant
EPPEngineering Programs for Professionals (Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore, MD)
EPPEducation Provider Program (various organizations)
EPPElectronic Presentment and Payment
EPPEngineering and Public Policy Department (College of Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University)
EPPEnergy Partner Program (Boulder, CO)
EPPExposure Prone Procedure (medicine)
EPPÉglise Protestante du Panier (French Protestant church)
EPPEnhanced Planning Process
EPPExtensible Pre-Processor (computing)
EPPEmergency Procedures Plan (various locations)
EPPEnterprise Purchase to Pay (software)
EPPEmploi-Poste-Personnel (French: Jobs Post Staff)
EPPEnterprise Performance Planning
EPPExcess Parachute Payment (IRS)
EPPEqual Pressure Point
EPPEnterprise Payment Platform
EPPEducation Purchase Plan (Adobe)
EPPEmergency Power Plant
EPPExtended Planning Period
EPPEpoxy Primer Paint
EPPElectronic Power Plant
EPPExecutive Planning Panel
EPPEnvironmental Permitting Program (various locations)
EPPEngineering Project Plan
EPPEncroachment Partnering Program (US DoD)
EPPExperimental Products Program (Army Research Lab)
EPPExercise Planning Process
EPPEssential Platinum Records (catalog number for their releases)
EPPEnterprise Payment Processing (holistic approach to payment processing across a business enterprise)
EPPEx Pecunia Publica (Latin:Through Public Money, epigraphy)
EPPEstimated Patient Portion (insurance)
EPPEmergency Power Package
EPPEffective Program Projection
EPPEnvironmental Program Plan
EPPElectronic Patch Panel
EPPExtra Protection Plan
EPPEquipment Preparation Party
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Earlier Wednesday, the EPP group distributed an official declaration, signed by the party's Chairman, Joseph Daul, voicing support for Bulgaria's Commissioner-designate, Rumiana Jeleva, who was recently elected Deputy Chair of EPP.
The second dimension is the impact of an EPP on the quality of knowledge gained by the students that use the EPP.
heads of government of European countries participate in EPP summits.
built Mini Cooper car has 12 parts that include shape-molded EPS or EPP foam, notes Paul Kinder, project development manager for SCA, which molds several of them at a highly automated plant in Spennymore, U.
We knew that these were the numbers, but we could not exempt ourselves from the responsibility v present forcefully the position which we firmly believe," EPP spokeswoman Katrin Ruhrmann said.
The installation consists of the EPP workstations, nine editorial terminals, 25 reporters' workstations and a communications station in the newsroom, a workstation in each of two bureaus, a wire service station and an output device station on-line to the paper's new Hyphen PostScript RIP linked to an ECRM 108 Pelbox recorder.
With this occasion, EPP President Joseph Daul, made the following statement:
EPP, a portfolio company of private equity investor Hastings Equity Partners LLC, said it had obtained funding from RBS Citizens NA.
The question was postponed indefinitely, to the annoyance of the ALDE group, which immediately accused (without naming them) "two large groups" - the S&D and the EPP - of conspiring to "block transparency measures".
In a statement to the EPP Political Assembly, Daul expressed the full support of the EPP for the students fighting for change in Bulgaria.
Composite panels are the first sector of the North American wood products industry to proactively develop an industry-wide EPP specification based on the principles of the U.