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EPPExtensible Provisioning Protocol
EPPEuropean People's Party
EPPEnvironmentally Preferable Purchasing
EPPEnhanced Parallel Port
EPPEmployee Purchase Program
EPPExpanded Polypropylene
EPPEquipo de Protección Personal (Spanish: Personal Protective Equipment; construction industry)
EPPETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) Partnership Project
EPPEncrypting Pin Pad
EPPExpert Patients Programme (chronic illness trial; UK)
EPPExtended Projection Principle (linguistic theory)
EPPEnvironmentally Preferred Product
EPPEducational Partnership Program (NOAA)
EPPEnd-Plate Potential
EPPErythrocyte Protoporphyrin
EPPEmergency Preparedness Planning
EPPErythrohepatic Protoporphyria
EPPElectric Power Plant
EPPElectronic Presentment and Payment
EPPEngineering and Public Policy Department (College of Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University)
EPPExposure Prone Procedure (medicine)
EPPEnhanced Planning Process
EPPEnterprise Performance Planning
EPPExcess Parachute Payment (IRS)
EPPEqual Pressure Point
EPPEnterprise Payment Platform
EPPEducation Purchase Plan (Adobe)
EPPEmergency Power Plant
EPPExtended Planning Period
EPPEpoxy Primer Paint
EPPElectronic Power Plant
EPPExecutive Planning Panel
EPPEnvironmental Permitting Program (various locations)
EPPEngineering Project Plan
EPPExperimental Products Program (Army Research Lab)
EPPExercise Planning Process
EPPEssential Platinum Records (catalog number for their releases)
EPPEnterprise Payment Processing (holistic approach to payment processing across a business enterprise)
EPPEmergency Power Package
EPPEffective Program Projection
EPPEx Pecunia Publica (Latin:Through Public Money, epigraphy)
EPPEnvironmental Program Plan
EPPElectronic Patch Panel
EPPExtra Protection Plan
EPPEstate Planning and Probate
EPPEducation Provider Program (various organizations)
EPPEasy Payment Plan
EPPEnvironmental Policy and Planning (various schools)
EPPEnvironment and Public Policy (various organizations)
EPPEducation and Public Policy (various schools)
EPPEnvironmental Policy Program (various schools)
EPPEmergency Pizza Party (band)
EPPEnergy Policy Project (Ford Foundation)
EPPEinstein Papers Project (California)
EPPEducator Preparation Program (various schools)
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Picking Bennie Wharry and the whole EPP family as a partner was a simple decision since we had been working closely with them for the past four years.
The EPP EP Chairman said he supported a result-oriented election campaign, with accomplished projects, close to the common people, such as the one of the centrist Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party, GERB.
About EPP - Founded in 2004, the European Pricing Platform has become the leading knowledge sharing platform for European pricing and profit optimisation decision makers, revenue managers and CxO s, dedicated to developing and sharing pricing knowledge, best practices and resources via on-line and off-line media.
Practice Greenhealth invites all businesses providing products and services to the health care sector to join the EPP Business Leadership Coalition, one of the largest and most meaningful activities ever initiated by the organization.
Also in the works is a machine that can mold either EPP or EPS.
The EPP is dedicated to the professional development of the individuals and companies involved in the process of pricing and profit optimisation.
EPP have explained that the expulsion has been on the table for months, but has not been realized because such decision must be approved by the party's parliamentary assembly.
The EPP in a statement here reaffirmed its full commitment to the Peace
Contract notice for Production and supply of electronic insurance card / hereinafter EPP / safety codes and the EPP V ZP health insurance companies, trust and Union.
20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- EPP foam, a type of polyolefin foams, is used in different applications such as automotive, packaging, furniture, helmet, sports material, leisure, and construction.
The report " Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) Foam Market by Type (Low Density, High Density & Porous PP) and by Application (Automotive, Packaging, Consumer Products & Others) - Global Forecast to 2019 " published by MarketsandMarkets, The current worth of the global EPP Foams Market 2013 is $573.