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EPP-EDEuropean People's Party - European Democrats (Euro-political group)
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The Tories have already threatened to leave on several occasions, even "raising the stakes," according to one EPP-ED member.
However, the Tories might end up divided at the last minute over leaving the EPP-ED, since some fear they may be too isolated.
The IMCO committee's rapporteur, Bernadette Vergnaud (PES, France), voted against her own report because she could not agree with the amendments submitted by the EPP-ED and ALDE groups.
This was a first - the EPP-ED even had to amend its internal regulations to handle the situation since these only foresaw one electoral system: acclamation.
The World in 2025' is the result of 18 months of work organised throughout Europe by the European Ideas Network (EIN), which brings together think tanks sponsored by the EPP-ED group.
Asked about that possibility, on 24 March in Strasbourg, EPP-ED chair Joseph Daul (France) declared that everything would depend on the election results.
They know they have the support of the Czech ODS, which has nine members in the EPP-ED.
An EPP-ED source thinks the Tories will await the election results and the majorities that emerge before deciding.
The EPP-ED is convinced that, to avoid any attempts at renationalisation, "regional policy will have to be adapted".
Temptation is to lean more toward short circuiting if one considers that, from the start, the main reluctance to the Europarltv project has come from within the institution and particularly from the EPP-ED group, the majority in the assembly.
The group presidents were questioned by the press, on 22 April, on the possibility of the nomination to the post of Antonio Tajani, the current EPP-ED MEP and co-founder of Forza Italia.
The British Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan was excluded from the EPP-ED group on 19 February in Strasbourg for his "unacceptable" speech against President of the European Parliament Hans-Gert Pottering (EPP-ED, Germany) during the plenary of 31 January in Brussels.