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EPP-EDEuropean People's Party - European Democrats (Euro-political group)
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The Tories have already threatened to leave on several occasions, even "raising the stakes," according to one EPP-ED member.
The IMCO committee's rapporteur, Bernadette Vergnaud (PES, France), voted against her own report because she could not agree with the amendments submitted by the EPP-ED and ALDE groups.
They were Othmar Karas (Austria), vice-president and treasurer of the EPP-ED, Gunnar Hokmark (Sweden), sitting in the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs and Antonio Tajani (Italy), a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and today transport commissioner.
In the 1999-2004 legislature, Nicole Fontaine, (EPP-ED, France), the first president, was succeeded by Pat Cox (ALDE, Ireland).
Week of 6 July: meeting of EPP-ED group in Brussels
Moreover, on 23 April, MEPs will discuss and vote on the report by John Bowis (EPP-ED, UK) on patients' rights in terms of cross-border care.
It reveals the EPP-ED's credo: "For a Europe of values, more prosperous, safer, more connected".
First, the UK's Tories have announced that they will quit the EPP-ED to form their own Eurosceptic group.
The head of the Liberals, Britain's Graham Watson, discussed, on 24 March in Strasbourg, a possible "ideological centre and centre-right coalition," hinting at an alliance between the EPP and the ALDE, as in 1999-2004, when the presidency was held by Nicole Fontaine (EPP-ED, France) followed by Pat Cox (ALDE, Ireland).
This appointment is not expected to go unnoticed in Parliament, not because the former head of cabinet of President Hans-Gert Pottering (EPP-ED, Germany) and ex-secretary-general of the EPP-ED likes to be in the limelight.
This declaration was initiated by MEP Francoise Grossetete (EPP-ED, France), chairwoman of the European Alzheimer's Alliance, and MEPsaKatalin Levai (PES, Hungary), Jan Tadeusz Masiel (UEN, Poland), John Bowis (EPP-ED, UK) and Antonios Trakatellis (EPP-ED, Greece).
With the June European elections approaching, the debate on whether the British Conservatives will stay in the EPP-ED group is starting to resurface.