EPPAÉcole du Personnel Paramédical des Armées (French: Army Medical School Staff)
EPPAEmployee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988
EPPAEastern Perishable Products Association
EPPAEmployment Pension Plans Act of Alberta (Canada)
EPPAEuropean Public Policy Advisors (est. 1987; Brussels, Belgium)
EPPAEmergency Physicians Professional Association (est. 1969; Edina, MN)
EPPAEuropean Poker Players Association
EPPAEstes Park Plein Air (Estes Park, CO)
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The EPPA, for example, provided aid on the condition that Pakistan would maintain democratic institutions, safeguard human rights and cease to support extremism.
Treatment with EPPA, similar to the treatment with benznidazole, had a protective effect on mortality.
also below the EPPA funding authority level, and the FY2014 request is
El 90% de ellos (45/50) utilizaban el EPPA del tipo endoauricular flexible que proporcionaron una atenuacion al ruido (NRR) de 29 dB(A).
Meglena Mihova, who wrote the EPPA report, said that "what's very relevant now is that since 2008 a lot of so-called substances of very high concern (SVHC) have been listed" there are now 38 of them which textile producers, importers and distributors have to report on, so now the situation "becomes really alive".
3, 1972, the city officially recognized the EPPA as the sole bargaining agent for the police department's patrolmen, patrol investigators, detectives, meter maids and matrons.
In screening job applicants, the EPPA permits the use of polygraph assessment to (a) support the selection processes of federal, state and local government agencies; (b) screen job applicants for positions of public trust (e.
The EPPA specifications for environmentally friendly paper include the following requirements:
DiCapua, a force in New York energy management through his role as president of the Owners' Committee on Electric Rates and leadership of the EPPA, an 8-association energy purchasing coalition, said, "At Atco, we have long incorporated energy into our asset management approach.
Ken Rice, Acosta, President of EPPA for the years 2000 and 2001 has announced that at a recent Board of Director's meeting, the Eastern Perishable Products Association elected the slate of Officers for the year 2002.
In addition, sponsorships were provided by the SAS Corporation (the conference primary sponsor), Alcatel e-Com, BLD Europe, CARMA International, ELLIPS Communication, EPPA (European Public Policy Advisors), Hill & Knowlton, Ogilvy Public Relations, Shandwick and United Parcel Service.
However, the EPPA also allows employers to use the polygraph during post-termination decisions to prosecute an employee for his or her dishonest acts during employment.