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EPPCExotic Pest Plant Council (Florida)
EPPCEthics and Public Policy Center
EPPCEnvironmental and Public Protection Cabinet (Kentucky)
EPPCEnvironmental Policy and Planning Commission (UC Davis Student Senate, California, USA)
EPPCEl Paso Psychiatric Center (El Paso, TX)
EPPCEuropean Paleobotany-Palynology Conference
EPPCEducation Policy and Planning Committee (various locations)
EPPCEducation Public Policy & Consulting Global Management, Inc. (Cleveland, TN)
EPPCEvent Program to Program Communication (computer programming)
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A similar movement to the one orchestrated by the EPPC is under way thanks to the efforts of U.
That may not sound so sinister, but critics say it's every bit as misleading as the EPPC "religious freedom" caucuses.
With Rebecca Darwin, former Publisher of The New Yorker and other leading national magazines, at the helm of our magazine division and Sid Evans leading the editorial, EPPC is poised to do great things in magazine publishing.