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EPPCExotic Pest Plant Council (Florida)
EPPCEthics and Public Policy Center
EPPCEnvironmental and Public Protection Cabinet (Kentucky)
EPPCEvent Program to Program Communication (computer programming)
EPPCEnvironmental Policy and Planning Commission (UC Davis Student Senate, California, USA)
EPPCEl Paso Psychiatric Center (El Paso, TX)
EPPCEuropean Paleobotany-Palynology Conference
EPPCEducation Policy and Planning Committee (various locations)
EPPCEducation Public Policy & Consulting Global Management, Inc. (Cleveland, TN)
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The shareholders in EPPC include Egyptian business tycoon Mohamed Farid Khamis, the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), Amwal AlKhaleej, DISA Ltd.
82 (s-1999) created the EPPC to institutionalize the legacy of the 1986 EDSA PPR, through a dedicated organization established specifically to institute appropriate activities that will serve to enshrine the EDSA PPR as a continuing and permanent source of inspiration for future generations;
The EPPC said the Museum, one of the main attractions of the 30th year of the EDSA People Power Revolution, would recount the stories of courageous Filipinos who soldiered on during the dark days of Martial Law and throughout the struggle for democracy.
assistant secretary for special concerns from MalacaNang's Presidential Communications Operations Office and EPPC spokesperson.
We never really talk about what caused those four days, explained EPPC spokesperson Assistant Secretary Celso Santiago.
Santiago said the EPPC wanted to honor and acknowledge the contributions of Apostol and Magsanoc in the Filipino people's fight for freedom and democracy.
EPPC Commissioner Millie Kilayko said they are eyeing to attract and engage the youth or the so-called millennial generation who were not able to witness and experience the struggle for democracy and the crimes of atrocities committed against Filipinos.
Each tour slot - with 20-minute intervals between - can accommodate only 40 to 50 people, which is why the EPPC encourages schedule reservations through edsapeoplepower.
Tomorrow, the EPPC launches its third book in a series for young readers in partnership with Adarna Publishing House.
EPPC executive director Maria Montelibano said that an experimental museum will be built to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Edsa People Power revolution which toppled the Marcos dictatorship.
During the launch, EPPC, through commissioner Cesar Sarino and executive director Maria Montelibano, presented tokens of appreciation to author Rivera and artist Joson.