EPPGEnvironmentally Preferable Purchasing Guide
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A PSA combines the functionality of a pacemaker electrode function tester and an EPPG, and can temporarily take over pacing functions while simultaneously testing one or more implanted pacing leads, according to the notice.
The agency said recent data show that the EPPG, together with the recommended special controls, provides reasonable assurance of its safety and effectiveness.
17, 2012 All covered segments must be assessed Figure 2: Miles of EPPG Pipeline El Paso Pipeline Group ANR Pipeline (ANR) 10,190 Colorado Interstate (CIG) 4,560 El Paso Natural Gas (EPNG) 10,990 Southern Natural Gas (SNG) 7,940 Tennessee Gas Pipeline (TGP) 13,870 Total 47,550 Figure 3: Miles of El Paso Pipeline Group by category Onshore [greater than or equal to] 6" 90% Onshore < 6" 4% Offshore 5% Storage 1% Note: Table made from pie chart.