EPPICEarly Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Centre
EPPICElectronic Payment Processing Information Control System
EPPICElectric Public Power Insurance Consortium
EPPICEuropean Patients Primary Immunodeficiency Collaboration
EPPICEnhanced Point Positioning Integrated Capability
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For the EPPIC, Oakley (2002) reported that they incorporated qualitative research in their reviews, but they had encountered multiple problems in their evaluation of qualitative studies.
EPPIC, 2001, Case Management in Early Psychosis: A Handbook, EPPIC, Melbourne.
Two 7th grade students from Forest Ridge School in Bellevue, WA won first place in the 7-9th grade category by imagining EPPIC - Ecological Paper Printer and Ink Collector, a futuristic laser printer system that would extract used ink from paper by reducing the graphene surface contact area, then reusing the collected ink and paper to make new prints.
Assuming the conversion of all Citizens' equity units and EPPICs, the special dividend would amount to approximately $675 million, and the ongoing cash flow requirements of the quarterly dividend would approximate $340 million annually.
The annual dividend of $1 per share represents a pay out of approximately 73% of expected free cash flow for 2004 excluding such charges and assuming conversion of all of the company's equity units and EPPICS (which would result in a total of approximately 338 million common shares outstanding, using the mid-point of the range of the conversion price of the equity units).