EPPREmergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response
EPPREnvironmental Plastics of Puerto Rico (est. 1992)
EPPREngineering Progress and Performance Report
EPPRElectroproportional Pressure Reducing (valves)
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Figure 11 shows the EPPR based on data obtained from the pore pressure transducers W2 through W5 (placed along the same vertical line) during tests 2 and 3 under excitations MW-3 and KB-3.
However, a difference exists between the EPPR results of these two tests.
Caption: FIGURE 11: EPPR under (a) excitation MW-3 and (b) excitation KB-3 during test 2 and under (c) excitation MW-3 and (d) excitation KB-3 during test 3.
(163) EPPR has issued a Field Guide for Oil Spill Response in Arctic Waters, an Arctic Shoreline Clean-up Assessment Technique Manual, Guidelines for the Transfer of Refined Oil and Oil Products in Arctic Waters (with PAME), and a set of circumpolar maps of Resources at Risk from Oil Spills in the Arctic.
(164.) Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response (EPPR), http://eppr.arctic-council.org/ (lasted visited Oct.
Of the working groups of the AEPS, the EPPR has likely been the least active.
The EPPR working group is an expert's forum focusing on enhancing best practices, and although the EPPR working group does not provide direct response to emergencies it can be a mechanism to provide advice or assistance as appropriate during a major emergency.
Currently, the EPPR continues to act only as a coordinator for the member States to develop and coordinate a common emergency response policy.
(130.) See PAME 1996 Report, supra note 1, at 2-3; EMERGENCY PREVENTION, PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE, Report of the 1999 Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response (EPPR) Working Group Meeting (1999), available at http://www.articcouncil.org/reports/990908.html (last visited Jan.