EPQEysenck Personality Questionnaire
EPQExtended Project Qualification (educational program; UK)
EPQEmpresa Portuaria Quetzal (Guatemala)
EPQExceptional Paper Quality (grading paper money)
EPQEmbarrassing Personal Question
EPQEquipment Performance Qualification
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Matthew Sample will be reading politics at Cambridge after getting two A*s, an A and a B and an A* in his EPQ.
Additionally, the ESI, single-stimulus benevolence, and EPQ had higher scores in the moderate distortion conditions in comparison to the low distortion condition.
1998) presented a fuzzy EPQ model that its annual demand and production parameters was a triangular fuzzy number, and the shortage was not allowed in the model.
The deterministic EPQ with partial backordering: a new approach, Omega 37(3): 624-636.
I am contident that the Schawk EPQ Solution will not just serve the needs of our clients and print paemers today.
An EPQ Model with Defective Items and Shortages permitted
Chung and Huang (2003) studied the optimal cycle time for EPQ inventory model under permissible delay in payments.
We found no correlation of lie, depression, negative self-concept score, or other EPQ and ESQ variable scores with past external or biological occupational exposure indices evaluated using Pearson's correlation coefficient.
Further, this model can also be viewed as a dynamic demand extension of the EPQ model for multiple periods in a finite planning horizon (see Hax & Candea, 1984; Schwarz, 1972).
The EPQ has ten items that measure relativism and ten that measure idealism.
Forsyth (1980) developed the EPQ to evaluate an individual's personal moral philosophy and to tap the degree to which an individual is relativistic, or regards universal moral principles, and the degree to which an individual is idealistic, or regards the consequences of actions.
Eysenck, 1977), participants (N = 156) were evaluated using the P, E, and N Scales of the EPQ and several physiological assessments.