EPQEconomic Production Quantity (retail)
EPQEysenck Personality Questionnaire
EPQExtended Project Qualification (educational program; UK)
EPQEmpresa Portuaria Quetzal (Guatemala)
EPQEdible Portion Quantity
EPQExceptional Paper Quality (grading paper money)
EPQEmbarrassing Personal Question
EPQEquipment Performance Qualification
EPQEuropean Primary Qualification
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University subjects who believe that they performed poorly on the IQ tests and who normally compete for positions in courses may attempt to fake their EPQ responses.
The ASCFS and the EPQ were administered anonymously to small groups of undergraduates in a classroom setting, during regular university hours.
The staff working with the students have really enjoyed being part of their work, and all staff who did the EPQ have done it on a voluntary basis and it's been massively rewarding.
Procedure and Analysis All of the three groups took two tests at the same time, with the first group taking the MBTI and MMPI-2, the second the MBTI and 16PF and the third the MBTI and EPQ.
Associations between I and the personality dimensions of psychoticism and the EPQ Lie (L) scale were also found.
Because students have the freedom to determine their own subject matter and have to work independently in terms of research and presentation, the EPQ is a very useful bridge between ALevel and university studies, as the latter requires far greater independent learning and maturity.
She achieved A* grades in classical civilisation and her EPQ, as well as A grades in history and politics and a B in English literature.
The Chinese edition of the EPQ,[sup][16] revised by Gong [sup][17] in 1984, was used to assess the personality traits of participants.
Thus Diaz and Pickering (1993) recommended that a proxy for impulsivity could be obtained by summing the psychoticism, extraversion and neuroticism scales of the EPQ (see Ostaszewski 1996, 1997 for an example of this approach in relation to delay discounting).
Results: We found that the EPQ scores in the P scale for parents of children with ASD were significantly higher than the parents of well-developed children (t=1.
John Iona's section on EPQ illustrates just how much coaching is involved and offers useful tips on how to structure the course to ensure students keep on top of their research plan.
Tenders are invited for Supplying and installing of cubical type meterpanel board in EPQ qtrs at sector 12 service center and Replacement of Burnt submain in GPRA Qtrs at sec-9 and 12 at R.