EPQEconomic Production Quantity (retail)
EPQEysenck Personality Questionnaire
EPQExtended Project Qualification (educational program; UK)
EPQEmpresa Portuaria Quetzal (Guatemala)
EPQEdible Portion Quantity
EPQExceptional Paper Quality (grading paper money)
EPQEmbarrassing Personal Question
EPQEquipment Performance Qualification
EPQEuropean Primary Qualification
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I am heavily involved with both HPQ and EPQ, although I don't lead it.
A constrained multi-products EPQ inventory model with discrete delivery order and lot size.
The instrument consists of three parts: 1) a measure of the moral philosophies of respondents using the Ethical Position Questionnaire (EPQ) scale (20 items), 2) a measure of the attitudes toward academic dishonesty along the four dimensions of Rawwas and Isakson's (2000) academic dishonesty scale (24 items), and 3) a measure of the demographics of participants (7 questions).
Notably, 18 year old James Holland who secured himself two A* grades and an A, and Sunny Sudera, also 18, who achieved an A* and two As, in addition to his A* for his Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).
The results of Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ) and GDT between PACG patients and healthy controls were compared.
Thus Diaz and Pickering (1993) recommended that a proxy for impulsivity could be obtained by summing the psychoticism, extraversion and neuroticism scales of the EPQ (see Ostaszewski 1996, 1997 for an example of this approach in relation to delay discounting).
Their 79 biological parents were evaluated by means of Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ) and a set of neuropsychological tests.
As one important method to quantify the personal traits, the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ) conceptualized personality as two biologically based independent dimensions of temperament measured on a continuum, that is, extraversion (E)/introversion and neuroticism (N)/stability [29].
[18] considered an augmented EPQ model in which the inspection is conducted by supplier.
Briefly explaining how your placement, A-level subjects or additional studies such as the extended project Qualification (epQ) has made you think more critically could be a way of showcasing this.
EPQ = Eysenck Personality Questionnaire; N = neuroticism; E = extraversion; IUS = intolerance of uncertainty; PSWQ = Penn State Worry Questionnaire.
Ellie also achieved an A* in the new qualification known as EPQ (Extended Project Qualification), researching dystopian fiction.