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EPREmergency Preparedness and Response (US DHS)
EPRElectron Paramagnetic Resonance
EPRElectronic Patient Record(s)
EPRExtended Producer Responsibility
EPREndpoint Reference
EPREthylene-Propylene Rubber
EPREjército Popular Revolucionario (Spanish: Popular Revolutionary Army; Mexico)
EPREinstein, Podolsky, and Rosen (quantum paradox)
EPREngine Pressure Ratio
EPREuropean Pressurised Water Reactor (Franco-German project)
EPREnlisted Performance Report
EPRExtended Product Responsibility
EPRExternal Peer Review
EPREnergy Profit Ratio (alternative energies)
EPREast Pakistan Rifles (Pakistani Civil War regiment)
EPRExxon Production Research Company (Houston, Texas)
EPREvaporator Pressure Regulator
EPREuropean Power Reactor
EPREnvironmental Program Requirements (report)
EPREarnings Price Ratio
EPREarth Potential Rise (electrical engineering)
EPREvolutionary Pressurized Reactor
EPREsperance, Western Australia, Australia - Esperance (Airport Code)
EPRExhibition Park Raceway
EPRExhaustive Photon Reassignment
EPREducational Psychology Review
EPREmployee Profile Record
EPREquivalent Parallel Resistance
EPREncryption Pause/Resume (Bluetooth)
EPREstrogen and Progesterone Receptors
EPREnhanced Product Realization
EPREthernet Private Ring
EPREastern Paranormal Research (Maryland)
EPREssential Performance Requirement
EPREquipment Performance Report
EPREmergency Planning Room
EPREngine/Exhaust Pressure Ratio
EPRElectrical Power Requirement
EPRExpected Progress Routing
EPRElectrochemical Potentiometer Reactivation
EPREquipment Problem Report
EPREngineering Planning Request
EPREnvironmental Profile Report
EPREquipping Process Roadmap
EPREngineering Property Records
EPRExecutive Program Review
EPREnvironment Press Release
EPREducation, Practice and Research (New York State Nurses Association; Latham, NY)
EPRExpress Press Release (distribution)
EPRExpiratory Pressure Relief
EPREvolutionary Pressurized Water Reactor (nuclear energy)
EPREthics and Professional Responsibility (law)
EPREuropean Platform for Rehabilitation
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Constellation Energy and AREVA formed the original UniStar Nuclear business model in 2005 to deploy and operate a standardized global fleet of EPRs.
With this enhanced capability, The University of Manchester will be at the forefront of EPR development in the UK and will provide a hub for all researchers to expand their knowledge and usage of various CW and pulsed EPR methodologies," added Eric McInnes, Professor at the School of Chemistry.
The NRC held a formal meeting with AREVA on March 24, 2005, to discuss the pre-application review of the EPR in support of a 2007 planned design certification application.
The EPR Working Group published a report card today that evaluates SB 20 in terms of the essential elements of its checklist.
Druten, a current Trustee of EPR, is the executive vice
2 to visualize the EPR nodules dispersion, size distribution and to display the evolution of the phase morphology as a function of the screw rotation speeds respectively (a) 300, (b) 800 rpm.
This delicate maneuver is a symbolic step in the history of the EPR reactor, and I would like to congratulate the teams who succeeded in carrying it out with perfection, stated Jean-Pierre Mouroux, Olkiluoto 3 project director, during a press conference held on site along with representatives of the Finnish utility TVO.
The Product Policy Institute (PPI), an EPR leader, is in talks with the carpet and packaging industries on mutually acceptable guidelines.
When the terms of EPR were changed last April, the Government said it was being done to catch landlords who were deliberately leaving their property empty, rather than accept lower rents.
One of the most recent advances for enhancing CPAP compliance is expiratory pressure relief, or EPR.
Dutral EPR (ethylene-propylene rubber) represents a complete line of ethylenepropylene copolymers, terpolymers and tailored masterbatches for applications requiring excellent aging and weathering resistance, good resistance to both high and low temperature, excellent dielectric properties and good resistance to a large number of chemicals, according to the company.