EPR2Electronic Product Recovery and Recycling (National Safety Council Environmental Health Center Study of recycling and reuse of end-of-life electronics)
EPR2Expert Panel Report 2 (National Asthma Education and Prevention Program; asthma care guidelines)
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The EPR2 project demonstrates the business value and competitive advantage that can be achieved with this kind of Virtual Private Network without jeopardizing the security of an organization's valuable information assets.
IntraVerse was selected to provide security and performance capabilities for the EPR2 testbed.
The EPR2 test environment demonstrates that Internet-enabled collaborative processes can dramatically collapse the time required to respond to customer requirements.
Regarding the PP2 base having an ethylene-propylene copolymer portion (the highest propylene content 69 wt%), neither blending with EPR1 or EPR2 nor varying the total rubber content (Fig.
Note for the EPR1 and EPR2 blends, however, that the elongation to break even at a total rubber content of 50 wt% was only 100%.
larger [greater than] EPR3:[much greater than] EPR2 [greater than] EPR1 [greater than] smaller (2)