EPRDEuropean Programme for Reconstruction and Development (EU)
EPRDEarliest Possible Release Date (prisons)
EPRDOffice for Economic Policy and Regional Development (Kielce, Poland)
EPRDEmergency Preparedness and Response Division (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment; Denver, CO)
EPRDElectronic Part Reliability Data
EPRDMinistry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (Latvia)
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108-169) noted the value of state and local contributions as an effective means to leverage the cost of FMMI for the federal government and encouraged EPRD to continue the practice.
The committee recommended budget reductions based on "excessive unobligated balances" and directed EPRD to pursue funding for ongoing flood mapping projects at levels provided for in P.
Abdullah, Director of EPRD, MOE Malaysia in her opening remarks highlighted the small size of the SIDS in Asia Pacific.