EPRDFEthiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (Ethiopia)
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Tigrayan forces have dominated in the current EPRDF government.
The solidarity statement issued by the Synod certainly denies the EPRDF regime to use our difference in belief and other background to continue its crimes against humanity without the least regard to their basic rights, democracy and rule of law.
Most opposition parties chose to boycott these elections, ensuring a landslide victory for the EPRDF.
Meles, in power since 1991, was sworn in as prime minister again on Monday after the May vote gave his EPRDF and allies 545 seats in the 547-seat parliament.
The prohibition on using the Oromo language in many areas of public life was lifted by the EPRDF, but participants asserted that the repressive political climate and the introduction of new and intrusive local institutions (supposedly as a means of promoting community development) had deliberately disrupted patterns of trust and mutual support in their communities.
After a brief moratorium on settlement projects, the EPRDF government has embarked on aggressive agricultural settlement programs.
Hizbawi Adera 1989 An EPRDF political pamphlet by E.
Those who had wanted to bury Meles now had to join the chorus of praise, which gave Hailemariam the opportunity to consolidate power, with the full backing and guidance of Sebhat Nega, a political dinosaur from Meles's Tigray ethnic group and one of the founders of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), the strongest faction of the ruling EPRDF coalition, and in whose ranks Meles grew to the top.
According to provisional results, the EPRDF and allies had scored a landslide victory, winning an overwhelming number of votes in nine out of 11 regions and cities declared so far.
In September 2009, the Forum for Democratic Dialogue, a coalition of major opposition parties, walked out of interparty talks after complaining that the ruling EPRDF refused to hold bilateral Forum-EPRDF talks.
To suppress the emergence of Oromo national power, the TPLF-dominated transitional government declared the EPRDF army to be a "national army"; one of its strategies was to prevent the OLF from building its own army and to house the existing OLF army in barracks so that it would be easy to destroy them when necessary.