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EPROMErasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EPROMEntrepreneurial Programming and Research on Mobiles (mobile phones; Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
EPROMElectronically Programmable Read-Only Memory
EPROMElectronic Program Read Only Memory
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With fewer EPROM suppliers in the market, SST's MTP SuperFlash products are a timely replacement flash solution.
Preferably Realtek based Ethernet Adaptor), cabinet- Standard ATX cabinet with SMPS power supply , operating system- EPROM Linux OS should support Thin Client Linux OS version 3.
To further reduce system costs we have eliminated the need for an EPROM when the AC2200i is used in UART Mode and if an external EPROM is attached it can easily be programmed from the host platform eliminating the need for expensive EPROM programmers," says Prakash Kamath, VP of Engineering at Arasan.