EPRPEthiopian People's Revolutionary Party
EPRPEverything Plus Referral Program (Sprint Nextel)
EPRPExternal Peer Review Program
EPRPEmergency Preparedness and Response Program (County of Los Angeles, CA)
EPRPExport-led Poverty Reduction Programme
EPRPEmergency Preparedness and Response Planning (UNICEF)
EPRPEmergency Prospective Review Program (Healthcare, California)
EPRPepithelium with proliferating rete processes
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4 percent of total) individuals who were not assessed for the EPRP measures related to diabetes, hypertension, or CHD.
The dependent variables of interest were five EPRP measures of outpatient quality in calendar year 2008 or 2009, assessing the intermediate outcomes of blood pressure control <140/90 mm Hg among persons with hypertension; low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol control <100 mg/dl among persons with CHD; and LDL cholesterol control <100 mg/dl, blood pressure control <130/80 mmHg, and glycosylated hemoglobin control <9.
Abbreviations: AMD = age-related macular degeneration, BMI = body mass index, CBOC = community-based outpatient clinic, CPRS = Computerized Patient Record System, DR = diabetic retinopathy, EPRP = External Peer Review Program, HbA1C = hemoglobin A1C, HDL = high density lipoprotein, HEDIS = Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set, LDL = low density lipoprotein, NPDR = nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy, PVAMC = Portland Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs, VHA = Veterans Health Administration, VistA = Veteran Health Information System and Technology Architecture.
Em estudo que comparou a versao adaptada do programa EPRP com as Oficinas de Linguagem, ambas as modalidades foram associadas a melhoras no desempenho e no comportamento, porem o EPRP teve efeitos significativamente maiores (Elias, Marturano, Motta, & Giurlani, 2003).
With support from ITC's EPRP in creating new product collections and training producers, the Tsagaan Alt Wool Shop has become a tourist attraction, with a turnover of US$15,000 a month, and supports the 300 members of the union.
But if the Marxism of USUAA in the late 1960s and that of EPRP in the late 1970s (both of which directly influenced ESUNA's ultra-leftist radicalism) are any guide, ESUNA's isolation from The Ethiopian masses was not so much geographical as it was sociopolitical, cultural, and intellectual.
Fourteen measures of adherence to Joint Commission guidelines for the care of AMI patients were obtained from the EPRP medical record review.
But whatever its limitations," says Marie-Claude Frauenrath, EPRP officer and project manager, "silk does represent a viable livelihood option for the poorest members of Cambodian society.
The focused explicit review instrument modified from the 2001 version of the VA EPRP instrument, measured 38 processes of care, and the global explicit review instrument, modified from RAND QA Tools, measured up to 372 processes of care (Table 1).
After linkage, we dropped two sites for which insufficient EPRP data were available (fewer than 30 cases), three sites outside the United States, and another 59 sites missing scale scores for resource sufficiency or autonomy, for a remaining 155 primary care clinics.
Group membership was determined via External Peer Review Program (EPRP) rankings, a random chart abstraction process conducted by an external contractor to audit performance at all VA facilities (see EPRP rankings section).
Thus, four facilities from each VISN were selected on the basis of their EPRP scores: one high performer, one low performer, and two facilities who showed significant improvement over the previous 2 years.