EPRTEmbedded Provincial Reconstruction Team (US DoD)
EPRTEmergency Preparedness and Response Training
EPRTEstrogen-Progestin Replacement Therapy (women's health)
EPRTEngine Pressure Ratio Transmitter
EPRTEmergency Preparedness Response Team (various locations)
EPRTElectron Pair Repulsion Theory
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One ePRT member said, "Through the delivery of essential services, we might extend legitimacy to the local government, but I don't know if that's necessarily true." When asked what motivated the focus on essential services, the official replied, "Out of a sense of moral imperative, out of a sense of wanting to do the right thing." "I know the Iraqis appreciate that we are doing this," the official said, "but it might not translate into strategic success for us." (90) It may be that certain aspects of state building are helpful and others are less important.
A development team assembled to work in Bab al-Sham consisted of the ePRT industrial advisor as team leader, supported by Army Civil Affairs soldiers, and engineers from the Army Corp of Engineers Joint Reconstruction Operations Center.
Not only must links to embedded provincial reconstruction teams (ePRTs), BCT ISF cells, S-9 staffs, and joint program management office activities provide expert advice; staff and resident experts must be made available to the BSB LTAT to sustain the partnered units' growth and conduct joint partnership activities.
(668) Interviews with ePRT officials, January and August 2008.
Ambassador and Commanding General jointly undertake and approve a "comprehensive plan for the PRTs (including ePRTs [embedded PRTs]), with elements tailored for each," with objectives, performance measures, milestones, funding requirements, and agencies accountable for the plan's implementation.
As of August 2008, three types of U.S.-led PRTs were operating in Iraq: 11 PRTs at the provincial level of government; 13 ePRTs embedded with U.S.
Recommended attendees are the maneuver planner, indirect fires, air liaison officer, engineer, intelligence/surveillance/ reconnaissance (ISR) manager, brigade air officer, military working dogs, logistics, PSYOPs, Information Operations, Civil Affairs, EPRT, Public Affairs, brigade commander's assistant, and the brigade battle captain.
Each ePRT is co-located and partnered with a Brigade Combat Team (BCT).
and Iraqi military forces worked to clear and hold an area, ePRT staff would work with local Iraqis to further stabilize the area by drawing on all available spigots of U.S.
These shares will begin trading u nder the symbol "EPRT" on the New York Stock Exchange from 21 June 2018 The underwriters were granted a 30 day option to buy up to 4,875,000 additional shares at the IPO price, less underwriting discounts, in the offering that will close on 25 June 2018, subject to customary closing conditions.
For example, the ePRT that covers the part of Baghdad that includes the zoo includes an epidemiologist.