EPRUCEnglish Professional Rugby Union Clubs
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And there is absolutely no substance to some of the figures put up by EPRUC at the weekend.
Neither EPRUC nor their backers know the identity of the broadcasters they may be talking to in the future nor do they have the interests of Scottish rugby at the forefront of their minds.
But if the top clubs carry out threats to withdraw their players only Carling, who decided not to be a member of EPRUC, will be left of the first-choice side.
The long-awaited signing of the Rugby Football Union's deal with EPRUC finally took place yesterday.
EPRUC detached from the NCA (who were the SCA), evolved into EFDR and EFDR then went to war with the ERC and nobody seems to be able to get on with the RFU at all.
It was revealed at the weekend that the breakaway group EPRUC planned to plough millions of pounds into Scotland - but only if the teams and players severed links with the SRU.
McLeod said:""We would prefer to settle this by sensible negotiation, but we have been presented with confrontation by EPRUC.
The players issued this statement: "The England squad have shown their support for EPRUC by attending their meeting today.
But a truce could be nearer after a secret meeting between RFU secretary Tony Hallatt and Sir John Hall of Newcastle, a leading figure in the breakaway EPRUC clubs.
Donald Kerr, chairman of EPRUC, said: "The players are the key.