EPSAElectric Power Supply Association
EPSAEuropean Pharmaceutical Students Association
EPSAExploration & Production Sharing Agreement
EPSAEuropean Philosophy of Science Association (Vienna, Austria)
EPSaElektronik & Präzisionsbau Saalfeld GmbH (German electronics manufacturer)
EPSAEarly Page Space Allocation (AIX, IBM)
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The Private Sector Assistance Loans are one of three components comprising the EPSA Initiative, the other two being the Accelerated Co-financing Facility (ACFA) for public sector co-financing with JICA, and the Fund for African Private Sector Assistance (FAPA), a multi-donor thematic trust fund administered by the Bank.
QGPC in July 1994 signed an EPSA with Oxy for Idd al-Shargi North Dome.
The KRG has signed over 50 EPSAs for all the blocks allotted so far.
Efficient and effective utilisation of EU funds is primary target 'for DG EPSA," he said, adding that the goal was the complete absorption of funds allocated to Cyprus for the period 2014-2020 by the European Structural Funds and Investment organisation.
Using the EPSA framework, JICA and the AfDB will co-finance further infrastructure development including in the transport and energy sectors and provide financial support to private sector activities.
We have earlier shown that any lifetime emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse (EPSA) was associated with an increased risk of any lifetime AHC, and any childhood EPSA was associated with an increased risk of adult AHC in a Swedish female patient sample.
Barzani had threatened that the Kurdistan Alliance (KA) would leave Maleki's cabinet if Baghdad continued to block EPSAs and other issues affecting the KRG.
Maleki and Shi'ite Deputy PM for Energy Hussein al-Shahristani, both strongly opposed to the EPSA concept, are warning that legalisation of such deals would lead to the break-up of Iraq.
The signed EPSA IV will allow RWE Dea to continue the successful exploration work in these areas whilst in parallel working with NOC towards rapid field development of the discoveries.
Schedules for this Project 2Q-2006 EPC 2004 EPSA signed between QP and Maersk May 2005 Prelimniary enquiry for EPC End Feb 2006 Package 9 and 10 bids release June 2006 Bid deadline Early 2006 Tender release 2008 - 2009 Project completion
Oxy will serve as operator under the EPSA and hold a 48 per cent interest, with Mubadala holding a 32 per cent interest and the Oman Oil Company holding the remaining 20 per cent.
EPSA is a joint initiative by the Bertelsmann Foundation, the Deutsche Hochschule fA1/4r Verwaltungswissenschaften Speyer (both institutions have previously called for bids in their own quality competitions for public administrations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and the "European Group of Public Administration" (Brussels).