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EPSCEuropean Planetary Science Congress (Russia)
EPSCEscola Politècnica Superior de Castelldefels (Spanish, University in Castelldefels, Catalonia)
EPSCExcitatory Postsynaptic Current
EPSCEarth and Planetary Sciences
EPSCEmployment Pass Services Centre (Singapore)
EPSCEuropean Process Safety Centre
EPSCErosion Prevention and Sediment Control
EPSCElectronic Product Stewardship Canada
EPSCElectronic Products and Systems Center
EPSCExcitatory Post Synaptic Current
EPSCEastern Pennsylvania Ski Council
EPSCElmbridge Phoenix Swimming Club (UK)
EPSCEconomic Policy and Summit Coordination (Department of State)
EPSCEmployer Productivity Superannuation Contribution
EPSCEngine Protection System Configuration
EPSCEnhanced Packet Switched Circuit
EPSCExecutive Program for Small Companies (Stanford University)
EPSCEstes Park Senior Center (Estes Park, Colorado, USA)
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Within that broad range of institutions, our choice fell on a narrow subset of examples (see Table 2): while the Australian and New Zealand Productivity Commissions and the Irish Competitiveness Council were set up as stand-alone inquiry bodies, the Mexican and Chilean institutions, together with the US Council of Economic Advisers, the EPSC and France Strategie, can more properly be classified as advisory councils (in the case of Mexico, heavily supported by a departmental bureau); and the Danish and Norwegian Productivity Commissions can be classified as ad hoc task forces.
When high concentrations of glutamate were loaded into presynaptic terminals with a patch pipette, both mEPSC and EPSC amplitudes significantly increased (Fig.
Samples with NEOPOR had a slightly higher density, which is understandable as the mass of NEOPOR is higher by almost 30% than that of EPSC or EPS.
And many of the experiments in cooperatives and EPSC have demonstrated a tendency to stimulate short-term rent circulation at the expense of production.
En este trabajo se ha descrito la evaluacion continua que se realiza en la asignatura Componentes v Circuitos (CC) perteneciente a la carrera de Ingenieria Tecnica de Telecomunicacion que se imparte en la EPSC.
The Electro-Federation Canada, the Information Technology Association of Canada and leading consumer electronics and information technology manufacturers formed the EPSC in 2003.
As spring turned into summer, and as Toronto's EPSC and Community and Neighbourhood Services Committee (CNSC) struggled with the viability of the two tiered approach to the problem (EPSC minutes, 14/07/98; CNSC minutes, 16/07/98), various Toronto residents continued to express their fear of squeegee kids.
The company's facilities currently have ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and R2 certifications and EPSC RVQP in Canada.
NMDAR EPSC kinetics do not regulate the critical period for LTP at thalamocortical synapses.
To further this, I have been co-opted on to the Local Organising Committee of EPSC 2013 as a representative of the BAA Council.
EPSC wants to take the lead in developing a national solution to the challenge of electronics waste management.
EPSC conducted the Company's postharvest coating products business and was divested as part of the Company's plan to focus on its core businesses.