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In the group where the reason for the switch was stated (n = 27), the main reason given by clinicians for switching was EPSE (n = 22; 81%), followed by lack of efficacy (n = 4; 15%).
In the group where the researcher deduced reasons for switching from the file (n = 14), the reasons were EPSE (n = 5; 42%), lack of efficacy (n = 4; 33%), previous response to an SGA (n = 3; 25%), mood symptoms (n = 1; 8%) and catatonia (n = 1; 8%).
Therefore, in the switch group of 43 patients, 27 (63%) were switched because of EPSE, 8 patients (19%) because of lack of efficacy and 6 patients (14%) for other reasons, and for 2 (4%) participants no reason for switch was given (Figure 4).
The estimates of the EPSE depend on the choice of the two firms.
Note also that the EPSE estimates for the same set of firms are stable across different estimations.
Because firm estimates are robust to changes in sample group, the EPSE and the QSCOPE estimates calculated from the composite cost function are reliable.
Given the high risk of EPSE and TD, the newer, second-generation or 'atypical' antipsychotics may be a reasonable first-line approach, and are clearly a rational second line when EPSE have become apparent.
SCHMID's On Site Manager of the large-scale project, James Gibbons, said, "I am very pleased to participate in this landmark project of the energy supplier EPSE.
Yinager said that, for the Ministry its partnership with EPSE is very significant.
Gidey, EPSE would be continuously boosting its cooperation with the Ministry to provide better service.
While atypical antipsychotics have a lower risk of EPSEs, they do carry their own troublesome side effect: many frequently cause weight gain associated with insulin resistance and carbohydrate cravings (Keltner & Steele, 2015).