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EPSFEgyptian Pharmaceutical Students' Federation (est. 1982)
EPSFEncapsulated Post Script File
EPSFEncapsulated PostScript File
EPSFEarly Prevention of School Failure (education program)
EPSFEnvironment, Peace and Stability Facility (Danish Development Assistance; est. 1993)
EPSFEverett Public Schools Foundation (est. 1985; Everett, WA)
EPSFEffective Point-Spread Function
EPSFExpenditure Per Sortie Factors
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Since 1985, the district has routinely compiled EPSF pretest and posttest results for each student entering kindergarten.
The EPSF battery of tests administered include: (a) an adaptation of the Goodenough Draw-A-Person (DAP), (b) the Motor Activity Scale (MAS), (c) the EPSF Preschool Language Scale (PLS), (d) the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test-Revised (PPVT-R), and (e) the Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration (VMI).
This EPSF measure is an adapted version of the Goodenough Draw-A-Man Test.
Scores on these measures are evaluated by the EPSF team and converted to ratings in each of the six modalities: (a) receptive language, (b) expressive language, (c) auditory skills, (d) visual skills, (e) fine motor skills, and (f) gross motor skills.
Matching letterhead and envelope designs --Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly calendars --Ability to import EPSF and PICT graphics files for use in Print Shop Deluxe projects --Ability to convert Print Shop Deluxe graphics files to EPSF, PICT and Adobe Illustrator formats and export them for use in other software applications, such as desktop publishing programs
FrameMaker also reads CGM, EPSF, HPGL, EPSI, PICT, TIFF and many other common file formats.
This test campaign has mobilized teams at Bombardier, but also at the SNCF, Eurailtest (ERT), the Railway Testing Agency (AEF), Certifer, BelgoRail, Reseau Ferre de France (RFF) and EPSF.