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EPSIEncapsulated PostScript Interchange
EPSIEcole Privée des Sciences Informatiques
EPSiEnterprise Performance Systems Inc. (Chesterfield, MO)
EPSIEuropean Petrol Station Interface
EPSIEngineering and Professional Services, Inc.
EPSIEvaluaciones Psicológicas Sistémicas (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
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8, it is clear that the results of the creep test are in agreement with those of nano-indentation hardness and modulus analysis, with EPSI showing the least deformation followed by EPZN.
The EPSI Identity subscale encompasses a combination of intrapersonal and interpersonal items, which may account for the lack of gender difference in identity scores.
The EPSI EMI test receiver with spectrum analyzer functionality combines the precision of a test receiver and the high speed of a spectrum analyzer in a single unit.
The role of Rhizobium meliloti exopolysaccharides EPSI and EPSII in the infection process of alfalfa nodules.
The EPSI provides both a Centronics/Dataproducts compatible parallel port and an RS423/RS232C serial port on the printer side, and both 15-pin AUI and RJ45 10BASE-T connectors on the network side--all in 3 x 5.
Air- and water-cooled chillers in sizes from 3 to 44 tons, complete with microprocessor and synoptic interface are available from EPSI Ltd.
This cost savings is especially true with secondary applications like CPN, CDIS, BedMaster, Sigma Spectrum, EPSI and VisionShare that take up a lot of resources but do not constitute the core of a healthcare provider's operations.