EPSICEmergency Power Source Industrial Co. Ltd. (Shenzhen, Guangdong, China)
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The research team at ePSIC can even create moving images that show chemical reactions as they happen.
The ePSIC centre will provide time for the use of the electron microscopes by a wider range of users in academia and industry for both fundamental and applied work, says Harrison.
Graphene features in work that Samsung is doing with ePSIC to develop wearable and flexible technologies based on the material.
Working with Samsung, researchers at ePSIC have developed a series of images of graphene to identify dislocation dipole structures--defects that will have an impact on the performance of the material.
However, this value excluded the S/N for the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute site because their instrument was the Protein Biosystem IIc model, which has higher resolution and S/N capabilities than the Protein Biosystem II instruments installed at the other EPSIC sites.
The second step in the EPSIC phase I design was to determine whether, after instrument calibration and output standardization, the separate sites could achieve comparable correct classification rates when challenged with the same previously characterized 14 PCa and 14 control samples.
The overall validation plan proposed by the EPSIC is designed to achieve a complete evaluation of protein profiling as a diagnostic tool for PCa.
Although the EPSIC passed the criteria set for phase 1B using either value selection approach, there are several other issues worth discussion.